Q&A w/ Recent College Commitments!


In the past 2 months we’ve had a couple of seniors who have committed to a college in order to further pursue their athletic careers. These seniors go by the names of Evan McCutcheon and Ethan Martin. Both of which are going to college to play football. Due to the exciting news, I decided to take some time to ask these young men a couple of questions.

First off I started with senior Ethan Martin, who will be continuing his athletic and academic career at Albright College!

What were 3 of your top colleges?

Albright College, Delaware Valley University, and McDaniel College.

Why did you choose this college?

I chose Albright because I felt the most at home when I was there visiting. I also chose this college, because I built a good relationship with the coaching staff very quickly.

What sport will you be playing there?

I am continuing my football career.

What made you want to continue this sport?

Over the past years, I fell in love with playing football, I can’t get enough of it.

Are you planning on going to Albright for all 4 years?


Next up, we have senior, Evan McCutcheon!

Where are you continuing your athletic and academic career?


What other colleges were you looking into?

Moravian College, Franklin and Marshall College, Rowan University, McDaniel College, and TCNJ

Why did you choose to go to TCNJ?

The education system is amazing, and it felt like home when I visited there.

What sport will you be playing?


Why did you chose football as the sport you wanted to pursue throughout college?

I’ve loved football since I was a kid, I started when I was 5 years old.

How does it feel to be committed?

Feels amazing!  I can’t wait to further my academic and athletic career there!

Like I always say, if you see either of these individuals in the hallways, in class, or even out in public feel free to give them a huge congratulations on their recent commitments!