Audubon keeps their spirits up with virtual spirit week!

During these hard times with school cancellations and social distancing, it can be difficult to keep our spirits up and stay connected with one another. Teachers and students have been doing a great job with learning through online classes and google meetings! Although things have been switched online, that has not stopped Ms. DiFilippo and the Student Council spirit week from taking place. Continue reading to get some insight and pictures of the virtual spirit week days!

Jordan: How did you come up with the spirit days?

Ms. D: Each spirit week, the members of Student Council brainstorm a list of possible themes for each day. Next, they vote on which ideas they like the best. They try to choose ideas that will be fun and easy for everyone in the school to participate.

Jordan: What was your favorite day?

Ms.D: I personally loved ‘Merica Monday. My favorite holiday is the Fourth of July and I consider myself to be very patriotic! GO USA! 

 Jordan: Was there trouble when we had to switch to online schooling?

 Ms.D: A number of teachers reached out to Student Council and requested a virtual spirit week.  While this is a totally brand new concept for us, Student Council was on board to try it out!  All of our spring spirit week and pep rally planning was already completed and ready to go before we even began remote learning at home!  People many not realize this but Student Council works on events months in advance, so essentially all the information was there.  We just had to reformat it into an online version.

 Jordan: Were you happy with the participation from the students and staff?

 Ms.D: In school, we usually have a good turn out for participation!  It is our goal to make sure everyone feels included and celebrates Audubon High School. The AHS Student Council Instagram was updated every day, along with the AHS Instagram and many submissions were emailed in to us! Check out our video Green vs Gold Week on Youtube and follow us on Instagram @AHSstudentcouncil2020. 

 Jordan: Do you think this helped keep the audubon community more connected during this time of social distancing?

Ms.D: It has been really difficult not being in school, I miss seeing all the students and staff every day!  The energy of a good pep rally is so exhilarating , and I am sad not to share that with all the kids, especially the seniors. Student Council hopes Green and Gold Week brought you all a little bit of joy during this crazy time!  We even had some AHS alumni participate which was cool to see how deep rooted AHS Pride really is.