Dragon Ball FighterZ: Fast, Intense, Explosive!

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Dragon Ball FighterZ (pronounced fighters) is a 2.5D fighting game that was released in January of this year. Two years prior, a game called Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 was released and the company behind the project was hearing outcries from the fans. The fans wanted a game similar to some of the old games from a decade ago. FighterZ was the answer to that those outcries.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a dragon ball fan’s dream come true. There are so many positives about this game that I was tempted to write an entire review of just positives. But then everyone going to play the game won’t expecting bads, and there are some bads. One of those positives is the story mode.

The story mode is completely original. They use characters from the series but they add a new one and make a new plot. I don’t want to explain the plot in full since there are people who haven’t played the game. You are a person who got transported into one of the DBZ characters’ bodies. Whose body you are first in depends on which story mode you choose. You then bring more people to your team and level up with battles. Now you start of with only one story: Hero Mode. You will unlock the next story after you complete hero, and the third after you beat the second. You can even build bonds with the characters, which builds their stats and effectively makes them moving tanks.

One of the other positives is the combat system. You have a team of three and you can switch out or use them to attack. It is very fast paced, allowing the player to get their opponent in massive combos to take out large chunks of health. Of course if you are on the receiving end you can recover easily. There is a one time use ability which lets you regenerate health and also if you bench a player they can slowly regen a certain amount of health.

One of the other major positives of the game is the overall aesthetic. The hub world, the characters are chibi and have multiple colors. They even have characters dressed up for spooky season! In combat though, is where most people fall in love with the graphics. The look of the fighting segments make it look like a hand drawn cartoon. The entirety of it is pleasing to watch, and makes you feel like you are watching the cartoon.

Now time for the thing I don’t want to do, the negatives. One of the few that exist is that there weren’t as many characters now as when the game first released. There were almost 10 fewer characters as opposed to now. On top of that, the game isn’t really fun when playing by yourself. Yes there is a a story mode but each story is about 4 hours each. After that it’s only arcade type stuff, so the best way to play is to have PS Plus / Xbox Live Gold in order to play online. Other than that there aren’t that many negatives.

This game is on of the best fighting games I have played in a long long time. I feel this game is worth the buy and deserves to be at game competitions such as esports. I rate this game a 9 out of 10. The game is fast paced, fun, and looks amazing.