Adenovirus Outbreak: What is it and what happened?

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Adenovirus is a virus that attacks the respiratory system, leaving their host with cold and flu-like symptoms ranging from sore throat to pneumonia. In this case, the specific strain Adenovirus Type 7 is affecting children with weakened immune systems. At the time of writing, nine children had died from this specific strain at Wanaque Center in Haskell, N.J. that left 26 others infected. This virus strain is commonly associated with acute respiratory disease. Though most people should not worry about dying, this is still a big issue. After the incident, the department stated that they are “working every day to ensure all infection control protocols are continuously followed and closely monitoring the situation at the facility.” While the biggest concern for the Wanaque Center is its containment of the virus, their credibility is also very much at stake. Both their pediatric and nursing/rehabilitation centers will most likely not receive much business after such an incident. Overall, if one lesson can be learned from this outbreak it is to advance and perfect safety and sanitation precautions to protect from further contamination in establishments around the globe.