Botworld Part 2: A Discovery

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The ruins of New York were filled with all kinds of wonders. There were old war relics such as human soldier weapons, fallen droid soldiers, and old deteriorating cars. There was one thing that you could always find, and that’s scrap metal. Three bots were looking for just that, so they can make a few bits and buy themselves a few decent batteries and oil. The one that led them was a somewhat burly bot, whose original purpose was for construction. He had large bulky arms that extended to his legs and could even extend further. Both arms looked like mini backhoes; The arms ended in claws that he uses to drag scrap into one big pile. What’s interesting is that his fingers can even separate and work as normal hands, even though they were really hard and sharp. His body was bulk and legs short, and his head was donned with a permanent construction cap and his bottom jaw looked like the front of a loader. The burly one scanned around. Where he was standing, he could see almost all that was left of the New York skyscrapers. He was standing upon the remains of most of them after all. He saw what looked like a dilapidated convenience store in the distance. He called out in a gruff tone,“Beta, Alpha! Get your rusty buckets over here!”

He didn’t turn around knowing that his two block head friends will be running up behind him. Two bots ran past him and tripped when they realized they did so. They were a whole lot smaller than he was, they were secretary droids. They had the body type of a medium figure teen. The only really distinguishing features they had were faces and even then they looks like emoticons. Their faces were under an led screen and their eyes and mouth were bright lights. They could blink and smile and their mouths move when they talked, but they looked like something a kid could draw in his journal.  The two were dressed up in human wear, both donning jeans and plain black hoodies. The only real thing that lets you tell them apart is that Alpha has pink lights for her eyes and mouth while Beta has blue. Beta and Alpha stood up straight as if they were soldiers in file. These two droids are kind of anomalies; When they were given their personalities they were made almost identically. They now considered themselves siblings and dressed exactly the same and went everywhere together.

“Brunt! We found a thing,” Alpha squealed with a smiling expression on her screen. Her voice sounding like that of someone on their way into high school, high pitched and very squeal oriented.

“Yeah! We found what looks like a bunker,” Beta exclaimed with a nearly identical expression to that of Alpha’s. His voice was a fair amount deeper, sounding like someone on their way out of highschool. Brunt shot them an expression that showed he had some interest.

“I want to check out this bunker, yet I also want to check out that human store over there,” Brunt grunted. He looked at the two and then at the convenience store and then at the two again. “One of you will go to the store while the other will take me to the bunker.” They both start jumping up and down shouting ‘me me me’ over each other. Brunt growled at them loud enough to shut them up. “Alpha, you go to the store. Beta lead me to the bunker.” Alpha let out a semi-depressed sigh and trudged off to the store. Beta led Brunt down what would have been an alley, but now was just a street between two massive piles of rubble. He stopped at an opened door to the basement of a house similar to ones you would see when in the city. Brunt glared,“This is a normal basement you block hea-” Before he could finish Beta started leading him down. He rolled his eyes and followed. After a few seconds of not reaching the bottom, Brunt realized this was no normal basement. The reached a  door after a while.

“This is where Alpha and I got stuck. The door is reinfor-”. Before Beta could finish the thought, Brunt punched the door full force causing it to fly off the hinges. Beta remained quiet and entered with Brunt. As they entered, lights slowly turned on. They were in a big white room that branched off to two other rooms. The room was barren spare for a toilet, shower, fridge, and stove top. They went into the room that branched off on the right. The lights in there activated as well. It was even more bland than the room before it, only having a bed and wardrobe. Brunt grunted and glared at Beta.

“There better be something in that other room, otherwise you’re gettin’ clobbered!” Beta gulped at Brunt’s threat and hesitantly led to the next room.When they entered the lights turned on and they both stared in awe. Computers and monitors littered the walls of the room, all showing different types of information. Wires were stapled to the ceiling as to not get in the way of moving around and working. The largest monitor showed a bar that said an upload of something called Griffith was only 20 percent done. Brunt grinned widely and went to grab the monitors until he saw something sitting at the other end of the room. Beta saw it too, and stared in awe. There in the chair, was a robot with a human figure and a rectangular head. “All right! We can make a gigaton of bits for this!” He went to go grab the bot but Beta wouldn’t let him.

“Brunt! What if he’s alive? Maybe he’s been held captive! We need to find a way to reactivate him!”

“First off, how do you know its a he?! This could be a she or one of them non-gender types. And second, we are scavengers. We make money off of this! Better than our old jobs. Now get to unpluggin’!” Beta groaned and went to unplugging. There were three plugs in his head and a massive one in the middle of the bot’s back. As soon Beta unplugged everything, panels closed over the outlets of the bot. “What did you do!?”

“N-nothing! All I did was unplug the cords and then-”. Before he could finish his thought, the bot sprung to life. He was a head and a half shorter than Beta and was as cute as a button. He stretched and made a yawning sound. He giggled happily. His voice sounded like that of a middle schooler, high pitched yet distinctly male.

With an enthusiastic tone he looked at the two bots and said,“ Hi there! Im Tedbert!”