I was awoken by the the sun embracing the pale skin of my arm. I grumbled as my body shifted towards the view of but a mere microcosm of NY City. Looking down at where the buildings met the streets were a series of mom and pop stores selling miscellaneous wares varying from groceries to used wedding dresses. Looking up past the grey cubes that sat upon these shops were advertisements, billboards waving its arrows frantically hoping that someone would take notice. These billboards were preaching to those who looked up about the newest tech ranging from stainless steel smart stoves to waterless washing machines. I snag my phone – 6:30 it tells me. My bottoms of my feet shivered as they touched the hardwood floors as they dragged me to check on Harvey.  Turning into his bedroom I saw him there, sound asleep which was quite unusual as he would normally be up bawling his eyes out. No matter, lets get my day started.

As I’m getting dressed I read the providence report, a report on the conditions of the apartment spanning the past several hours. Ever since I had purchase this apartment wide tech life’s been nothing short of ease. There were a few things here and there, a change in the thermostat, notification that my package has been shipped, but there new notification that he has never seen before. Early into the morning, 4:23 AM to be exact the providence eye surveillance system revealed a crying Harvey, his tiny hands grasping the bars of his cellar. A ringing tone detected the sobbing and began playing pneumatic waves, pacifying the child back into slumber. That’s cool, must be a new update. I clumsily finish buttoning up my shirt mismatching which button went into which hole and headed into the kitchen. I began to brew my mug of energy when I heard a knock on my door. Must be my package. I open the door to see exactly what I ordered within the confines of 6 cardboard squares. Lugging it inside and releasing it from its confines there it was. Or was a smart cradle, your regular old cradle but with several steel arms attached to the sides. The beast was shipped to pacify Harvey when work become encumbering sending me into the late hours of the night. After a quick bluetooth connection to my providence smart house attachment, it was all set. The steel arms calibrated to the space it was given as the centerpiece of the room moving precisely stretching itself out from its slumber. After several minutes the cradle had become one with my home. I need to check on Harvey, time check 7:15.

Grabbing my coffee, my legs transferred me into Harvey’s domain where he was finally awake and ready to absorb some stimuli. I try to multitask, picking him up in one arm whilst trying to sip my alertness in another. I successfully pick up Harvey but accidentally spilled some coffee right onto the sleeve of my shirt, transferring the burning sensation from the coffee right onto the follicles of my arm hair. Oh well I’ll just get changed later. I love Harvey, he’s all I have now and he loves me too. Harvey coos as I lovingly embrace him in my arm and bring him back to where the smart cradle sat. Harvey lip begins to quiver and then to an all out crying. Must be the cold I guess. It was time to test the machine. The smart cradle prompted a name request on its center console. Jacob, why not? I like that name. Providence makes another ding recognizing the presence of a child in need. With the new attachment a notification is received on my phone requesting to put Harvey into the smart cra- I mean Jacob. I comply dropping the wailing infant into the deep abyss. Jacob finds his purpose, the silent motors start to spin and the cradle begins to dance like a pendulum. Jacobs arms begin descending into the deep abyss with tiny strobe lights gently flashing on his fingertips. Harvey begins to calm down, taking in the spectacle that had befallen him. Harvey’s hand reaches out to touch Jacobs; he smiles. I look down into the cradle, Harvey’s happy, that’s good. Time check 7:42. The stain begins to burn my flesh on my arm again. Its warm.