Kingdom Hearts 2: One of the Best Gaming Sequels Ever.

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Kingdom Hearts is a series that was started in 2002. It is known for its great combat, inclusion of disney characters, fun worlds, and unique enemies. The series is also known for its overly convoluted plot. It become a meme at one point to make fun of it by saying things like “It’s easier to understand the theory of quantum science than the plot of kingdom hearts.” The main reason that is, is because of one of the best Kingdom Hearts games, Kingdom Hearts 2. (I will be doing the remixed version that came out for ps4)

For those that don’t know the KH series is made by Square Enix and Disney mainly for the playstation line of systems. To save on spoilers, the plot is pretty much anime but with disney characters. The remix of KH2 for ps4 was released with almost all the other kh games on a single disc in 2017. It introduced gameplay at 60 frames a second, better graphic quality, and some bonuses for your ps4.

One of the major positives of KH2 is the gameplay. The gameplay is so smooth and face paced, you can repeat the same fight 10 times and still have fun (and believe me, I have). There are tons of abilities that allow you to extend your combos and do massive amounts of damage to opponents. One of the best parts of the gameplay is the drive forms. In the remixed game there are 5 drive forms. They are Valor, Wisdom, Limit, Master, and Final (all received in that order). These forms increase your attack, magic, abilities, and allow you to do multiple different types of combos. On top of that, if you level up the forms you get abilities for your base form such as high jump, glide, and dodge roll. The gameplay is just so smooth and fluid, it’s better than some games that come out today.

One of the other upsides of the game is the characters. Most of the characters are very intriguing even though they are wrapped up in a convoluted plot. A great example is a character who you are to assume is the boss from the previous game, but there is really a twist (I am trying so hard not to spoil this game). They get you a little more invested in the game and make you want to dive in deeper.

One of the other major, and in my opinion most important, positives of the game is the frame rate. The frame rate contributes to the fast paced speed, and it kind of makes you feel like a god within the game. It even caused the drive forms to activate faster and also allowed speedrunners to get better records.

Now time for the negatives. Probably the most major downside is the plot. You must have played all prior games to understand the major plot, which is a fun killer for most people. It goes from zero to one hundred really fast at the start of the game by introducing you to characters that players of the first game don’t even remotely know. This kinda dispelled people from the series and killed off some of the fans’ fun.

Another downside is the voice acting. Specifically from Haley Joel Osment. As a kid he was a good actor, having starred in The Jungle Book 2, The Sixth Sense, and Forrest Gump. But as he got older, he started sounded very cheesy and his voice kind of did not match the character. It makes some people feel uncomfortable or even poke fun at the game because of these voice acting fails.

Kingdom Hearts 2 has its flaws just like everything else, but these flaws are enjoyable. When you hear Osment’s voice acting, you enjoy the campiness (an actual threatening line in the series is him shouting at the main baddie that “My friends are my power.” Pretty cheesy). And the plot, even though convoluted, makes you feel like you are a part of the team. And then the goods overly outweigh the bad. Some may judge it, but you truly can’t unless you play it. In my opinion this game is a 9.5 out of 10. It’s one of those games that you can beat a hundred times and still want to play it again.