Emotionally Followed

Have you ever wondered when is the end? Well some type of end. The ending to nail-biting story. The roller-coaster ride that is your mind. When will the climatic movie of emotions end. The constant feelings of joy then sadness then upbringing to happy. The ride seems to never end because in reality it doesn’t. Your emotions never turn off, there’s not a switch to flip to make them go away. Even though sometimes you may not feel them, they’re always there whether you like it or not. Emotions are apart of who you are. Even though many people don’t know the spiraling cycle of your emotions, they are what define you. Even if you aren’t apparent with your emotions, you will always know who you are from them and what you’re past looks like from them. They follow you and are a novel in the back of your head. You must accept the emotions for how they come and then you will learn who you really are.