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“It isn’t a bird, it’s an Airplane!” Review

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It’s nearly Christmas season, so you may or may not have family flying over to you soon. We’re all familiar with the struggles with flying: bad airline food, traffic that makes you feel as if you were frozen in ice, and flying anything that isn’t first class will guarantee to make you feel uncomfortable. So, I’ve decided to hold off on doing Christmas movies, and decided to do a movie based on what we all hate: going on an airplane. No, not the plane with a bunch of snakes on it, we’re looking at the comedy: Airplane!

Ted is a retired fighter pilot who has suffered a recent break up with his girlfriend, Elaine. Elaine leaves to Chicago on… an airplane (Who would’ve figured?). Desperate to rekindle the flame, Ted boards the flight alongside a cast of wacky characters. After a couple hours of flying, some of those on board become ill due to bad airline food, namely the fish. This includes the navigator, co-pilot, and the pilot. Since he is the only one capable of flying anything at all, Ted needs to get over his fear of flying to not only to win Elaine’s heart back, but to get everyone back to safety.

If you couldn’t tell from the extremely cheesy and cliché story, this movie isn’t meant to be taken seriously. As I’ve already said, it’s a comedy. It’s quite funny, as with its wild variety of jokes, you’re bound to laugh at least a couple times. These jokes range from ridiculous scenarios, to the unpredictable moments that’ll make you go “what?”, to dialogues that reminisce of Abbott and Costello.

This movie doesn’t spend too much time on one particular skit. This actually works for it however, since if one joke didn’t work, it usually moves on to the next really quickly. Most comedies have skits that can range from 2-5 minutes. The problem with this, is that if the joke flops over, you’ve effectively wasted a few minutes of everyone’s time. For example, at one point we cut to see a nun on the plane reading a magazine called “A Boy’s Life.” Seems like a generic magazine, with the guy on it fishing. Not even 5 seconds later, we see the inverse: a young boy reading “A Nun’s Life.” And on this magazine you can see a nun jet skiing, complete with the traditional nun outfit. Then, onto the next scene. This whole thing happens in less than 30 seconds. Now, whether or not you found this joke funny doesn’t matter as it comes as quickly as it goes. Combine this rapid-fire style of comedy with the movie’s unpredictable type of humor, and this forms a “crowd control” style of getting different people to laugh. This means that even if you and your friends have varying senses of humor, you’ll all still laugh, albeit at different jokes.

Now, this movie’s way of expressing it’s comedy its utterly brilliant, but if you’re not a fan of comedies, this film probably isn’t for you. The story is cliché in every sense of the word, and while it does parody this, it doesn’t actually address it in any regard. You’ve acknowledged that you’re doing something cliché, but doesn’t actually do anything to mix it up. The dialogue is also incredibly cheesy at times. We’re talking that if you’re lactose intolerant, you’re going straight to the hospital kind of cheesy. Think of some of the lines that sound so generic that everyone tries to avoid this, and for good reason. Including : “I wish you good luck.” “You’re the only one capable of doing this.” and various forms of “But I can’t do it.” These lines were dead way before this movie came out, and using them doesn’t really net a laugh, but an audible groan at best.

If you love laughs, you should absolutely go see Airplane! It’s unique that it feels less like a movie, and more like an 84 minute long Three Stooges skit. But if you’re serious of temperament or just don’t like comedies, this movie probably won’t fly with you (I’m sorry.). At the end of things, I’d give Airplane a solid 7/10.

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“It isn’t a bird, it’s an Airplane!” Review