Chicken Bacon X-treme Blast


Hello all, today I’ll be bringing something new for your eyes to feast on. This is one of my brand new recipes and I hope you enjoy

Every ingredient in this recipe can be varied amounts depending on size and how much you choose to add on. The ingredients go as followed

  • A rotisserie chicken(chooses to use as much chicken depending on the size of the tortilla)
  • Tortilla shell
  • Ranch
  • Bacon
  • Shredded lettuce
  • Shredded cheese
  • *optional* sliced pickles

Step 1: Heat up a pan on the stove at around 350 degrees fahrenheit with a little butter. Once heated, add bacon and flip every minute til the bacon has become as crispy as you like. Once cooked keep in paper towel.

Step 2: Take the rotisserie chicken and pull the skin off from front to back. You should do this right after you get home from buying the chicken, when it’s warm. The chicken is easier to pull apart warm. Just pull with your hands the chicken and shred til they are small, thin pieces.

Step 3: Take your tortilla and start to build. Starting in order place chicken, cheese, pickle, ranch, lettuce.

Step 4: Once assembled, wrap like you would for any burrito and enjoy!