Victoria Alexander

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Victoria Alexander

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Welcome to The Parrot’s newest section, “Where Are They Now?” featuring the Audubon High School Alumni. The current students at AHS have much of the spotlight on them, so we decided to share it with students who graduated by asking them a bit about their lives now and what advice they have to offer. This will become a weekly updated section with a new graduate each time, interviewed by me, Sandy Smith. Our debut alumni member is none other than the Class of 2018’s Class Clown, Victoria Alexander. The interview went a little something like this:


Sandy: So where do you live now that you’ve graduated?

Victoria: Glenside, PA, on campus at Arcadia University in freshman-only housing.

Sandy: Ooh Arcadia… What is your major, and what led you to choose it?

Victoria: My major is archaeology. For my influences, I’m not going to lie, when I was younger, I always aspired to be like Indiana Jones, or Steve Irwin of course. Plus I don’t want an office job; I love the outdoors.

Sandy: Two legendary influences, good answer. Time to dive a little deeper — how has your life changed since you graduated from AHS?

Victoria: For one, my time management has skyrocketed, and I’ve found ways to fill up my afternoons, which means I’m always busy. I go to the gym more often so that I’m more health conscious about what I eat and everything for track. This is really only because during the first semester, I had none of my life put together and knew I needed to change if I was going to live away from home for the next 4 years. I became a lot more social (seeing that I had to make a lot of new friends since I haven’t known everyone since kindergarten like I did in high school) and I learned how to talk to adults while carrying myself more professionally.

Sandy: Wow, it sounds like you’ve learned what to prioritize and what not to, and I guess that’s natural once you leave home for a while. Do you still have the same friends that you had in high school?

Victoria: I definitely have the same friends, but I lost the acquaintances. It wouldn’t be weird if I saw them in public; I would still say “hi” and catch up, but I basically have only the same core friend group as I did before.

Sandy: I hear there’s someone named Sandy in that group…oh wait that’s me! Now it’s time for the final question: what advice would you give to current seniors at AHS?

Victoria: Oh, this is a tough one for sure. You should just understand that everyone is different, y’know? For some people, their mindset is to “work on keeping your eating habits together,” but for others it’s a “you’re already on the right track,” so just know that everyone has different goals and different problems they want to fix. Once you understand this, try to pinpoint your own weaknesses and combat them because they’ll definitely smack you in the face in your first semester, and I certainly wish I didn’t have to waste time to figure out what needed to be done to better myself.

Sandy: I think that could help a lot of readers if they feel lost or just simply stuck. Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions for The Parrot.

Victoria: No problem, thank you for asking!


Check back in a week to see who the next interviewed alumni will be!