On ‘Finland’ and its Existence

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There is a ‘finn’ veil over the truth– allow me to explain why. To begin, there are supposedly about 6 million Finns, or residents of Finland, right? Out of about 7 billion humans, Finns therefore would make up less than a tenth of a percent, or around .09%. This data was obviously collected by governments, and even the best census has a margin of error of at least 1%. If you’re following along, you know what this means: The entire population of Finland may not exist. “But that margin of error could apply anywhere, or more likely be dispersed throughout the entire world,” you say. “There’s no way a whole country couldn’t exist.” Oh? OH?

Let’s take you back to 1918, when Finland had just had become independent from Russia. Russia is one of the major players in this conspiracy, with the other being Japan. Their purpose? Convenient fishing, free of those pesky international regulations, and easily shipped to Japan on the Trans-Siberian railway. We all know how infamous Japanese fisherman are for disregarding any sort of environmental protections. The fish would be shipped under the guise of commerce, namely Nokia phones. Ever notice how Finland seems to only have one export- phones- with only one company- Nokia- exporting them to only one place- Japan? Awfully coincidental, that.

“Now hold on,” you say, you doubting Thomas, you. “How are they using this place for fishing? Finland is mostly landlocked.” Well (as proven by the map below), Finland is in fact freer of land than any other country. Not only does it not exist as a nation, it does NOT EXIST AS A PHYSICAL, GEOGRAPHICAL LANDMASS.

What Google Earth doesn’t show you. Notice anything missing here?

If you’re Japanese, boom, there’s where your fish comes from. “Now hang on,” you say, preparing your pièce de résistance. “I’ve been to Finland. How do you explain that?” To which I respond:do you know you’ve been there? How? The one place in Finland people actually visit, Helsinki? Eastern Sweden. Unfortunately, anybody who thinks they live in or has visited Finland has actually been in Norway or Eastern Russia. 90% of the country is conveniently forest, a ridiculously easy to see excuse for having an ocean.

Finally, look at the name. An entire country that’s actually a front for illegal fishing? FIN-land? They aren’t even trying.