SCP-4155 – Classification: Euclid

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Containment Procedures: SCP-4155 is to be patrolled by Foundation gunboats within a radius of 12 nautical miles of the site. Foundation personnel and gunboats are to be under the guise of US Navy personnel in the midst of a training exercise. Civilians who remain non-compliant with the exclusion zone or Foundation personnel should be detained until further orders are given by a commanding figure. Additionally, SCP-4155 is to be monitored on a biweekly basis via unmanned drone, and any differences in positioning of any item within SCP-4155 are to be noted. Measurement of SCP-4155-1 is to be recorded, with any abnormalities in growth rate being noted.

A photo recovered from the wreckage. The crew members in the photo are still unidentified.

Description: SCP-4155 is a sunken German type VII submarine in the northern Atlantic Ocean at coordinates [REDACTED]. The submarine shows signs of intentional scuttling with little to no damage sustained as a result from combat. Despite photo and documentative evidence of the vessel once being manned, the interior is entirely absent of the any crew or the bodies of, aside from their personal belongings and equipment.

Within the submarine is a 19 foot by 19 foot cube of an unidentified metaloid. This cube, classified as SCP-4155-1, has grown in dimension by approximately 4 feet and 8 inches since SCP-4155’s discovery on [REDACTED]. The cube’s origin has yet to be determined, and no mention or reference to it has been yet to be discovered on any recovered media from the wreckage.

At various locations, SCP-4155-1 punctures the hull of the submarine, displaying remarkable rigidity and durability. Contradictory to this, Foundation undersea drones have, on multiple occasions, observed local aquatic lifeforms being “eaten” by SCP-4155-1. In this scenario, the cube behaves amorphously, extending a tentacle-like structure from its main “body” and enveloping the lifeform. It has been noted as reaching as far as 6 feet away from its center mass in pursuit of prey. Whether there is any correlation between SCP-4155-1’s growth pattern and consumption of organisms is yet to be determined. Whether the submarine itself is an integral part of SCP-4155-1 or if that is simply where it took up residence is also undetermined at this time.

Due to the likely presence of armed explosive munitions aboard SCP-4155 as well as its geographical location, further experimentation on SCP-4155 and SCP-4155-1 is difficult to conduct, if not impossible.

ADDENDUM: Since SCP-4155’s discovery, a total of 3 additional anomalous shipwrecks have been discovered in various oceans, and all anomalies have been reclassified accordingly. All cubes (now classified as SCP-4155-X-1) within the sea vessels exhibit similar appearance and behavior but vary in size. The largest, located in SCP-4155-3, measures at approximately 23 feet by 23 feet. The smallest, located on SCP-4155-4 measures at about 8 feet by 8 feet. Their basic descriptions are as follows:

  • SCP-4155-1: A German Type VII U-boat in the North Atlantic
  • SCP-4155-2: A Japanese Myoko Class heavy Cruiser approximately 185 nautical miles from Manila
  • SCP-4155-3: An Italian Littorio Class battleship in the Adriatic Sea
  • SCP-4155-4: A Soviet Svetlana Class cruiser in the Arctic Circle (partially suspended above surface by ice)