The Jury of Nine

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The Jury of Nine

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It felt like I was flying through the void, flying through everything I’ve ever known. I saw with my own eyes how much I had changed over the years. I saw the love’s I’ve had and the struggles I went through. All of my mistakes and choices that I regret that I had pushed to the back of my mind came flooding out with each of their corresponding emotions.

Then I came to a halt on one single memory of my own , the day I began to fight against my family, a few days before I left The Jury. The day was beautiful and bright, Gantark, the mighty kingdom of which The Jury resided was filled with laughter and joy. Except one building, The Hall of The Divines, the home of The Jury.

Unlike my fellow Jurors, I sit in the hall and read everyday. They go out and make anyone and everyone fear their titles. Yet none were as brutal as the second eldest Juror, Janus the Shadow Soul. He was the largest and the strongest of us all, none of us even dared to get into his way. But he wasn’t always so brutal, before we joined the jury, he was kind and loving. But The Lord of Gantark broke his spirit and made him into a killing machine, which I will never forgive our new lord for doing.

I had known of Janus for a long time. I even met him before he became this powerhouse. I knew him when he was just a blacksmith in a local village. I had gone to him when I was younger to first learn how to defend myself. He taught me the most valuable thing you must have in a fight isn’t power. It isn’t the tools that you use or even the speed at which you use them. He taught me that it’s about how you use the tools. Because once you master your tools then that’s where their true power is hidden.

The only reason Janus even joined the Jury was because he wanted to protect those he cared about. He even went so far as to rip apart the Jurors that came before us when they learned that at first, we denied joining them. But just as Janus broke the Jewel that gives Jurors their powers, their lord came and threatened his family.

Then, one day I finally went outside of the hall;  I walked through the crowded streets clothed in the rags I created so i would be treated the same as everyone else and see just how badly they were treated. I stitched these rags from old clothes till they were like a dress. Then I used extra material in order to stitch together a hood that would cover my face from everyone walking past me.

I began adjusting the material of the cloak as I walked so no one would be able to see that I still wore my armor just incase people tried to pick a fight. As I was doing so I pivoted around corners ensuring that I wasn’t being followed. Yet then I heard a baby cry out in the market. I rushed over to see if there was anything wrong, but nothing was. I became so distracted that I had forgotten to keep on my guard up.

Then out of know where Janus walked up to me, he grabbed me  and lifted me up by the throat without saying a word. He just held out his other hand expecting me to hand something over. But in one swift motion I paralyzed his arm and drew out my broadsword.

“There is only one person with those kinds of skills. Jordan, is that you in those rags?” Janus said softly. Which surprised me, was is the first time he had ever been kind towards me. But I didn’t answer him, for the smile that spread across his face showed he knew he was right. I finally turned away to see that the entire marketplace of people were halted in place, watching us. I turned to look at my old friend again, but in his place was The Lord of Gantark, the first Juror, John The Nightingale. Then, before i could even react, he hit me in my face, and everything went black.