Superbowl Halftime Show 2019: Failure to Launch

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For some, Superbowl LIII will simply be forgotten as another game swept under the rug of defeat. For others, it marks another ring on the finger of the NFL’s most famed and feared player. Clocking in at the lowest ratings in about a decade at about 98.2 million viewers, the whole event was, in a word, lackluster. The halftime show was no exception to this.

Opening the show was Maroon 5, a choice marked with murmurs of controversy after several other acts had declined invitations to play during the show in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick’s crusade against police brutality. Very early on, it became obvious that the goal of the show was, in fact to generate as little controversy as possible.

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One could argue in either direction whether they actually accomplished that goal; whether it’ll be half-remembered as a boring time-killer event or be made into a laughing stock due to its mediocrity.

Nonetheless, the show went on. Maroon 5 played some of their bigger, if dated hits, and the audience was generally as entertained as you’d expect them to be, considering the circumstances. What arguably stood out the most from their performance is what social media has condemned as a wardrobe malfunction with his brown checkered tank top: People were quick to point out that it resembles their living room furniture.

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A strange moment of brief but intense outrage stemmed from the end of their performance. A sizable enclave of internet-goers have been been demanding for the last few years that “Sweet Victory” from the famed Superbowl-themed Spongebob Squarepants episode be played during the halftime show. They were given just that.

For about 15 seconds, that is, before Travis Scott appeared on stage playing his own hit song, Sicko Mode. The song has gathered a hefty amount of fame itself, yet Spongebob fans, football fans, and many others remained frustrated at the shoehorned mini-snippet that they’d waited so patiently and even made a petition for. After the collective groan interspersed with cries of anger had quieted, internet users took to Youtube, swarming the dislike button under the NFL’s official footage of the halftime show in what is becoming a typical occurrence when an event or person sparks outrage on the internet.

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Well, there’s always next year.