A Hidden Pay Per View Gem: Indivisible

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Indivisible discusses what happens to an individual and their family during and after a war, both in the physical cost, and the mental cost. Darren, a chaplain for the military, is called to Iraq. Both he, and his wife Heather have to carry their own share of burdens. For Darren, going to base hundreds of miles away from his family, and where an attack can happen at any moment on said base. He has to witness countless tragedies of war, all the while boosting the soldiers morale. Heather, on the other hand, has to deal with 3 children, with one having a severe type of Asthma all on her own.  She additionally has to struggle with the wives of the soldiers, having to share their pain together. Eventually, all of these factors combined begin to have a decaying effect on the once happy couple. They’ll need to get on the right track if the family wants to stick together.

This movie is a complete roller coaster of emotions in the best way possible. It feels much more real this way. Instead of the situation just being at its lowest point once Darren goes to Iraq, he’s actually more helpful than anything. But due to the traumatic experiences he slowly distances himself between his family, drawing him closer to his fellow soldiers instead. Darren also suffers from PTSD, as shown by him freaking out or being depressed. When he gets back, he became a different man entirely, ever silent, and hostile towards even his own children.The situation spirals out of control to the point where Darren needs to seek help from another chaplain back at his home. This causes the movie to bounce between happy and sad, which makes you want to see what happens towards the end.

What the movie is trying to convey is somewhat of an enigma. The trailer makes it out to be watching a love story. Most of what they show is the couple being happy, Darren going to war, and implying their love is in danger. But it’s described as a Christian film, with heavy themes of faith. It also heavily emphasizes that it’s taken place from real life events, making this a documentary of sorts. So, what we’re supposed to gather from this is that this movie is a love story about war with religious theming, all the while staying accurate to what actually happened to the real Darren’s family. Needless to say, this movie is really unfocused on what it wants to be, but what they do show us works well. They just need to decide what to have a primary focus on.

Indivisible is a great movie if you’re interested in learning what exactly happens when a soldier goes to war, and the effects on his mental being and family. The unfocused nature can hold it back if you’re the type that tries to follow every little detail, but what you’ll find in those details is a deep story regarding a man and his neighborhood. Indivisible gets a 8/10.

You can find Indivisible in smaller theaters, and it’s also on Pay Per View if you want to watch it.