A Casual ”Swinterview”

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A Casual ”Swinterview”

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For this week’s interview, I chose an Audubon alumni who just so happens to work at the same high school she graduated from: Mrs. Swinney. This is her first year teaching at the high school after coming from the Mansion Avenue and Haviland Avenue elementary schools where she even taught me in 5th and 6th grade. During my fourth period Independent Study with Mrs. Swinney, I asked her a few questions:


Sandy: So Mrs. Swinney, where do you live now?

Mrs. Swinney: I still live in Audubon, New Jersey. 

Sandy: Oh how convenient. Where did you go to college and what was/were your majors?

Mrs. Swinney: I attended West Chester University in Pennsylvania for a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education, and then later on I attended Rowan University for my Masters degree in School Administration. Then I began teaching at the elementary schools in Audubon in 2012, but this is my first year as the high school’s choral director.

Sandy: I’m personally very glad to have you as my director again. How would you say your life has changed since you graduated from AHS? What year did you graduate?

Mrs. Swinney: I graduated in 2007. I would say that my life has changed mostly because I’ve traveled a lot, and during my one visit to Italy I even met my current husband.

Sandy: How romantic, but I’m going to jump back to career choices. Have you always known that you wanted to pursue music?

Mrs. Swinney: I always knew that I wanted to major in music, but I actually didn’t always know that I wanted to teach it to others.

Sandy: Do you still have the same friends that you had in high school?

Mrs. Swinney: I still keep in touch with many of my friends from high school, but my closest friends now are my roommates from college.

Sandy: That’s awesome. What advice would you give to the current seniors at AHS?

Mrs. Swinney: Definitely travel while you can! And also, do your research on colleges so you don’t go into student loan debt.

Sandy: That is great advice, I’ll take it. Thank you for the all of the advice, and the interview for The Parrot!