The Hill House Mystery Part 2

Charles scurried out of the secret back door. David was still screaming as the man took him away. Charles was dripping in sweat. He took a second to breathe as he was about to climb the fence at the front of the old man’s yard. Charles knew he had to devise a plan to acquire his best friend back from the gritty, evil old man. He wasn’t sure if the old man would lock or do something different to the door he sneaked in the first time.

Charles was rummaging through his house for things he could use in his full fledge attack. He grabbed his metal baseball bat, seven baseballs, his dads hammer and hatchet, his moms shotgun, and his brothers remote control car. He took the remote control car and wired firecrackers into it to use as a diversion. Charles gathered his items into a duffle bag and was full on his way to the top of the hill.

The sun was scared of the outcome, so it was pitch black when he arrived. Once over the fence he moved into position near the original entrance. He then controlled the car, which also now had a camera on top facing the front. He moved the car into position and the firecrackers went to work. Loud bangs and screeches at the mans front door. Charles heard the front door crack and the camera showed the bald man. Charles then took his move and shot a shotgun shell into the cellar door and the door shot open. He quickly moved into the cellar and was navigating to find the freezer.  He heard David scream from under the stairs.