A Mom’s Photo of a “Cheat Day” Lunchbox Sparks a Body Positivity Debate Online

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Sonni Abatta, who is a mother, podcast host, and blogger, recently uploaded a picture of a pink, sequin lunchbox that displayed the words “Cheat Day” that was seemingly marketed to young girls and that she believes promotes body insecurities in young children.

This lunchbox was found in Nordstrom and was placed amongst the candy, snacks, and other lunchboxes near the cash register, an area where children will likely pick something to buy while they are antsy in line.

Abatta suggests the lunchbox is targeted to little girls because it was surrounding by other girls’ merchandise. She believes this anti self-love message is designed to make girls feel there is only a certain box of foods they can choose from to be what society wants from them and that indulgence is wrong.

In response to the picture of the lunchbox, the mother received over 100 comments on the post she published to her 43,000 followers on Facebook.

Though Sonni Abatta can reason with how the lunchbox was meant to be silly, she thinks, “I fully recognize┬á that it may not be aimed at young girls, but young girls are going to like it. Even if it happened to be a woman who picked it up, I don’t think it is necessarily the healthiest message for anyone at any age.”

Although there are varying opinions of whether the lunchbox is targeted at children and whether or not it is appropriate in general, Sonni hopes this debate will ignite more conversations of a healthy body image to girls of all ages.