Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild: The best Zelda/Switch game?

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Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild: The best Zelda/Switch game?

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Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo’s flagship franchises. The series began in 1986 and has released a game every 1-3 years for the most part. When people heard of a new open world Zelda game, Breath of the Wild, there were mixed reactions. Some were scared that the game was going to the lose the essential essence of the series, scared that the game would lose all the puzzles that made the Zelda series its own thing. Others felt that the open world was going to cause even more possibilities for puzzle and this game could possible be the best of the whole franchise. When the game finally released everyone was surprised. No expected it to be as good as it was because of the Zelda games that released the last four years. From the four years before this games released, Zelda games were either remakes or merely okay. This game was a healthy refresher to the series and made people want more Zelda.

Now, I sat down to play Breath of the Wild during Christmas and just finished it February 6. I wanted to make sure I experienced everything this game has to offer and I made sure I experienced everything. There was so much to experience, which is actually a really good thing. There are quests, puzzles, and then the story. You can even just explore and collect materials for upgrades.

The story is pretty good as well. You play as the champion of Hyrule, Link, and must bring down an evil that has affected the world for over one hundred years. You meet a cast of characters along the way that help build the story and get you more devoted into the world.

The puzzles are also pretty great. There are many different types from ones in the wild, to shrines, to mazes that take anywhere from minutes to hours to complete. Now most of the puzzles will lead to or be inside of Sheikah shrines. Sheikah shrines are shrines used to train the chosen hero, and offer all different types of loot. Puzzles can range from quite easy to frustratingly difficult. They are so difficult that during one of the mazes, which had a ton of enemies, I solved it by accident when testing out new equipment. What makes these puzzles even better is that you can solve certain puzzles and upward of up to 4 different ways.

Moving away from puzzles, the combat was phenomenal. The combat can be considered its own puzzle. You need to take your opponents strength into situation, your weapons, and the abilities you have. You can even look around the environment and use things such as boulders and bomb barrels to attack opponents.

The mechanics are amazing, though sometimes annoying. There are abilities you gain throughout the game that can assist you on your journey (Time stop, ice pillar, bomb, etc).The tedious portion comes in the weapons. The weapons you use (such as swords, spears, claymores, shields, bows) have durability and can break. When they break in the middle of combat, you either need to use one of your others or you are out of luck. This causes people like me to be overly cautious of using the best weapons for fear of wearing them out.

There is so much I could talk about, but let’s finish this up with the games design, both sound and artistic. The game looks utterly beautiful. It is one of the best looking games on the Switch and runs beautifully for the most part. The world is unique, an interesting take on Hyrule. The music is also fantastic. When exploring or in town, a peaceful tune plays that could put someone to sleep. When in combat, a more active tune picks up. And finally, when up against the Guardians, a menacing piano theme plays that causes any veteran of the game to suffer severe flashbacks.

Breath of the Wild is a beautiful game. Even after completing, I can come back and play it for hours without running out of things to do. Much like Kingdom Hearts 2, this is one of those games that I can come back to months after beating and maybe even years after. I am going to give the game a 10/10. It is honestly amazingly fun, beautiful and one of ,if not the, best Zelda game out there and perhaps even the best Switch game yet.