Zoo Review : The Elephant In the Room

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Zoo follows a misfit kid named Tom and the elephant at the local zoo named Buster. Buster lives happily in his own little home, until there is an order to kill all potentially dangerous animals. There was a government issued order to kill all potentially dangerous animals, including elephants. Tom, seeing how his large new friend is in danger, forms a group with other outcasts to help save this gentle giant. Tom and company will need to hide Buster in 1941 Belfast, where air raids are all but common and everyone is on high alert.

My favorite thing about this movie is the relationships between everyone. Each character has multiple relationships within their “team.” It makes every character feel more and more like an individual, rather than just two robots who were made to work off each other. Even the elephant gets some form of character development with how it reacts to Tom and the widow, Denise.

The characters themselves are amazing as well. Tom is an outcast due to his tendency to avoid others and trust-issues, which you can actually pick up on without them flatout stating why he is different. My favorite however, is probably Pete and his little brother, Mickey. Pete is introduced as a silent but strong bully. When Tom reluctantly agrees to add Pete to the team, Pete reveals that his big tough persona is nothing but a mere act.He’s just a big goofy coward. Nearly every character is different from what you’ve assumed from them at the beginning. They’ll even grow together as they’re basically bound to each other.

When it comes to bad things to say about Zoo, I have a lot of difficulty thinking of any that aren’t nitpicks. The only real thing that’s sort of questionable is the vet. He isn’t really relevant until the end, which is heavily forced. They fail to go over Tom and the vet’s relationship outside of 2 scenes which together barely go over a minute. It’s not bad since it barely gets time, but it’s kinda baffling on why they included that.

Zoo is a very wholesome movie. Due to most people’s natural love for animals, the need to protect others, or just having interest in someone else’s business, it’s very easy for every to relate to one character or another. All of those characters never feel lifeless at any point. Any flaws are so minor it’s not worth pointing out. I’d give Zoo a solid 9/10. If you want to see a cute story of a boy’s dedication to his zoo, or just want to see an young elephant be cute, this is a great watch.