Dragon Ball Drama! Sexual Assault Allegations Against Dragon Ball Star

Dragon Ball Drama! Sexual Assault Allegations Against Dragon Ball Star
A rise in allegations towards Vic Mignogna has increased over the past few weeks.

Recently, some drama has spiked within the Dragon Ball fandom. It involves the voice actor of the iconic DBZ film villain Broly, Vic Mignogna. Over the past few weeks Mignogna has been accused by fans and coworkers alike of sexual assault and improper behavior. It eventually led to Mignogna losing his jobs at Funimation and Rooster Teeth.

Fans and newcomers alike are probably wondering, how this could snowball so much. Well it actually started years ago. Since 2016, a small community of people came together and talked about inappropriate interactions with the voice actor. More people decided to speak up when the new Dragon Ball Broly film was released, and the hashtag #KickVic started spreading around twitter. This eventually caused another group of people to come out, Vic’s loyal fans and people who felt that he was innocent. They started the hashtag #IStandWithVic and questioned all allegations made by the other group. The two groups went back and forth, the #KickVic side calling the others supporters of sexual assault while the #IStandWithVic side would call the others liars.

Monica Rial, the Dragon Ball costar who came out accusing Vic of sexual harassment.

This is when Monica Rial, the voice of Bulma in DBZ, entered the situation. She stood in support of the #KickVic people and even stated that she herself had been sexually harassed by Vic. People started harassing her and this caused Sean Schemmel, the voice of Goku in DBZ, to come in and defend her. He discreetly supported the #KickVic people by liking all of their posts, but the Monica Rial incident caused him to speak out as well. He spoke out supporting members of the #KickVic campaign and his friend, Rial.

An image of Pensacon taking place in Pensacola, Florida.

The harassment of Rial eventually hit a peak that people were planning to harass Rial at Pensacon, an event similar to Comic-con and Anime Expo. The managers of the con stated that anyone who comes to harass Rial or talk about the incident will be kicked out of the convention and arrested. This caused outrage within the #IStandWithVic community and caused severe backlash on Pensacon’s behalf. They deactivated their twitter after the backlash, but that didn’t stop them from updating their followers on the situation. Word got out on Feb 19 that a bomb threat was sent in to Pensacon. The police in Pensacola Florida are currently investigating for more details.

All of this makes the #IStandWithVic look like they’re in the wrong, but the #KickVic people have had their fair share shady actions themselves. The most popular is when the #KickVic people faked a Swatting. Now you are probably wondering, what’s Swatting? Swatting is when the police are called on someone and the police are told something that would require the use of the swat. Swattings are known for being dangerous for the person who is swatted, and a waste of police time. Someone stated that a Swatting happened, and they blamed it on a #IStandWithVic member. Sean Schemmel supported this story, and stood by it, getting into debates with people about how it had to be true. When word got out that the story was false, Sean apologized stating that he had no idea that the story was falsified. The #KickVic people also silenced someone who alleged that Monica Rial sexually harassed them. It took some digging for someone to find, but a twitter member mentioned it on a post. As soon as it was posted, Monica Rial supporters got on it for being a troll or a Vic supporter.

Vic came out and stated that the allegations weren’t true. He was upset that people felt that he made them uncomfortable and he promised not to behave that way again. That was the last we heard of Vic, before he came out stating he contacted his lawyer. Many are thinking he is going to fight the allegations while some believe he will go after Monica and others for defamation of character. The incident is still not resolved and is getting updated daily.