From Audubon’s Cast to Rowan’s Crew: Annie Busarello

"Invest time in knowing what you want to do in the future."


“Most Likely to Be on Broadway”; from playing “Annie” in the AHS production of Annie and “Eponine” in Les Misérables, Audubon High School’s Annie Busarello is living her best life in Glassboro, NJ and answered some questions this week about musical season. Now attending Rowan University and about to head out into the “real world,” she took the time out of her day to tell me about how her life has changed since graduating from high school. Annie was my theater role model, and I definitely looked up to her when she was a senior and I was a wee 8th grader, so being able to ask her some questions for this week’s article meant a lot to not only “The Parrot,” but also me.


Sandy: Where do you live now? If you’re in college, where do you go and what’s your major?

Annie: I live in Glassboro at the moment, I go to Rowan and I major in Advertising and Public Relations.

Sandy: That’s cool, I was recently just accepted there, it’s a great school. What year did you graduate from AHS, and how would you say your life has changed since then? Also, when do you graduate from Rowan?

Annie: You should go to the accepted students reception on the 31st! I’ll probably be there talking about my experience and it’s really helpful when making a decision on what school to go to. I graduated in 2015, and my life has definitely changed since then. I’ll be graduating from Rowan this May.

Sandy: Okay, I’ll probably go that day! What advice do you have for current seniors at AHS?

Annie: Enjoy your time here. Apply for every scholarship you can find. Take time to reach out to teachers after you graduate. Invest time in knowing what you want to do in the future. Talk to your advisors, I could go on for a while.

Sandy: That’s really good advice. Thank you! Since it’s musical season, do you have a favorite memory from musical?

Annie: The final bow. Looking at the crowd and seeing that all of my work meant something to someone.

Sandy: That’s definitely a great feeling. What was your favorite show?

Annie: Les Mis.

Sandy: Awesome, thank you so much Annie I really appreciate this interview.

Annie: No problem, break a leg this week!