R. Kelly Pleads Innocence, Breaks Down on Interview

A teary-eyed R. Kelly continues defending his innocence, delivering an intense interview with CBS This Morning anchor Gayle King that lasted over an hour. Throughout the interview, despite being face-to-face with Kelly, Mrs. King maintains a remarkably calm disposition, scarcely moving from the position she began the interview in even as Mr. Kelly frequently leaps from his seat to scream at the camera in a fit of anger.

via Salt Lake Tribune

R. Kelly, who’s been in some of the hottest water in the last decade and a half, has been accused of ten counts of kidnapping, the brainwashing of two teenagers living with him, and running a “sex cult.” These accusations had been floating around his name for some time prior, but the recently released Surviving R. Kelly docu-series brought them back into the limelight.

The series brought on a number of family, friends, and collaborators throughout his career to interview them on Mr. Kelly’s habits and the details of his personal life. Many confirmed the accusations against him to some degree or another. The series was mentioned in the interview, with Mr. Kelly denying the testimonies of the guests, claiming that “They was [sic] describing Lucifer.”

I didn’t do this stuff. This is not me. I’m fighting for my f***ing life! Y’all killing me with this s**t!”

— R. Kelly

The 80-minute interview, that R. Kelly personally agreed to without the use of any PR department backing him and claiming his “spirit” instructed him to do so, was effectively to let him testify in his own defense. However, Mrs. King remained vocally skeptical of the singer for most of the interview, a view which did not change as Kelly began to get more emotionally charged. The topic at hand was, of course, his views on the accusations levelled on him, what evidence he brought to the table to support his defense, and his reaction to the interviews in Surviving R. Kelly.