Audubon’s Actor → New Haven’s Criminal Justice Major

"Don't be afraid to let go and grow."


This week, I had the pleasure of talking with one of Audubon’s funniest alumni, Jake McKay, originally from Merchantville. Known as the one who is “Most Likely to Be on Broadway,” Jake put the musicals in his past and is focusing on some serious criminal and investigative studies. Jake was the first person to welcome me into the Theatre Department at AHS a whole 3 years ago, and we’ve kept in touch ever since he left. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, he’s a great friend with a big future ahead of him. Where is he now, you ask? Look no further.


Sandy: So Jacob, I know you’re in college now, where are you attending and what’s your major?

Jake: I go to University of New Haven and my major is Criminal Justice with a concentration in Investigative Services.

Sandy: Oooh, that’s awesome. How has your life changed since you graduated from AHS?

Jake: My life hasn’t changed that much, but I have definitely taken on more responsibility as well as slowly becoming more independent in my adult life.

Sandy: You’re so mature now, oh my. Do you still have the same friends that you had in high school?

Jake: No, but that’s not such a bad thing. A lot of the friends I had in high school I no longer keep in touch with, only a select few that I’m very close with.

Sandy: Interesting. However, you were definitely the first person I connected with in musical, so what was your favorite memory during musical seasons?

Jake: Well, every musical in its own way was extremely fun to do and the cast was always great, and the cast was always able to become so close. You’d be able to connect and become friends with people you never would have talked to in the first place. I made a lot of strong friendships during musical.

Sandy: Oh I wonder who one might be. What advice do you have for current seniors at AHS?

Jake: Don’t be afraid to let go and grow. High school was definitely the best part of my life so far, but I am looking forward to creating so many better memories. It’s going to suck leaving behind what you know so far and all the friends you’ve made, but if they mean that much, you’ll stay in touch, you will. College will be enjoyable, you just need to allow yourself to make new memories and not be held back by the old.

Sandy: I think that’s great advice that can help a lot of people that maybe want to move away from home for college. Thank you so much, Jacob, you rock.

Jake: Of course, sweetheart.