Laughter Cures Everything

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My stomach was clenching, there were tears escaping my eyes, my voice had gone silent, and I couldn’t catch my breath. I was able to peer out of my eyes and saw everyone around me was in the same state as I was in.  This was obviously something contagious. Everytime I thought I was able to breathe and settle myself the thought entered my head once again and the cycle continued.

It almost seemed never ending and I would never become my old self again. The calm and controlled girl was long gone. I was now a cackling mess hunched over in the middle of the road because I had mistaken a piece of trash fluttering in the wind as a dying squirrel searching for it’s last breath.

I couldn’t stop laughing and the more I thought about it and saw the obvious piece of trash next to the tire of the car, the funnier it got.

My laugh typically starts out at normal volume then as time goes on, its like someone accidently sat on the remote and my laugh is at full blast about to blow out the speakers (my voice also has the same effect when I get excited). Then it slowly reaches silence and the only audible sound is me gasping for breath and I’m probably sinking to the ground.

I tend to laugh all the time, almost as much as I talk, which is a lot.

Some days are more difficult than others, but something that’s always there is laughter. Attempting to make humor out of a rough day or difficult situation can change everything.