No Memory

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A snap of my fingers and I freeze time. People, animals, cars, everything around me. I have no idea where I got this power, but then again most of my memory was wiped clean from amnesia. I was told I had a severe head injury and what do you know. My memory was no more. I’m now 27 and I have no memory of my childhood, who I was as a person, no memories of hanging out with friends, nothing of the sort. I have nothing except stories. My memory starts when I was 25 so you can say I’m practically a new person. I’ve tried using my power for good, but I keep falling into the trap of temptation. I keep telling myself “Just this once” or “It’s fine nobody will care”. I have stolen tons of money, cars, exotic items, weapons, anything you can think of. I certainly feel ashamed for what I’ve done, but I don’t know the temptation is just too much sometimes.


It was a rainy, chilly October night when it happened. I snapped my fingers once more. Everything froze, and I had a plan. I was going to rob a criminal’s house across the neighborhood and put him out of business. I was on my way to grab my car keys when I see something move outside from my window. Confused, I walk up to the window and peer out. I see nothing so I just assume I was seeing things because the visibility was quite bad from the rain. I walk to my car and immediately stop in my tracks. I see a woman walking toward me! In a panic I scurry my way back into the house and lock my door. Not a second later the door was kicked through and there she stood. “I’m not here to hurt you Thomas. I’m here to warn you”. “What? Who are you? H-how are you moving? Where did you come from?” I say with concern. “Stop with the questions. All you need to know is that I work for an organization called ‘The Order’. We all oversee time and space. And we’ve had our eye on you”. I can’t mutter any words because I’m scared and confused. “Look. You have to stop doing bad. Did you think you got your powers out of thin air? No you were chosen. To do good in this world. I will be back, and when I am, I don’t want to leave with your head.” She leaves immediately after the aggressive warning. What have I gotten myself into…