Botworld 6: Albany Town Bandits

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While Tedbert talked to the stranger, a gang of bandits were conversing in Albany’s old city hall. The building was kept up since it was made of brick and stone, but it definitely had seen better days. The clocktower on the side of the building, which barely surpassed the height of the four story brick shelter, had crumpled in on itself and left a massive hole in the corner of the building. The bandits, being too lazy to fix it, decided to just stack the rubble so that the hole in the building would be closed. The wooden doors were barely on their hindes while their glass windows were mostly shattered. As a matter of fact, every single window in the establishment was shattered.

The interior of the city hall also did not even closely resemble its pre-war counterpart. The entire interior of the building was gutted and completely refurbished. It actually looked pretty nice given the condition the exterior was in. The first floor was converted into a singular room, similar to a common room. It was fitted with an average wide screen television, couches scattered about, a foosball table, a basketball hoop, and a small dining table. The second floor rooms were similar to living quarters. They contained a charging station and personal items of each occupant. Most of them were the same in size, being  able to fit one person maximum, all except for one room. This one room was larger and was fitted with a massive table, large leather chair at the head, and smaller cheap plastic chairs around the rest of the table. Right here in this room, the bandits were having a conference.

Even though the table could fit as many as 18 people, only 7 droids sat at the table. Three were on each side while one sat at the head of the table. One of the bots on right, specifically the one that is furthest from the head, was extremely small in stature. He was not much taller than an eight year old and he was much skinnier than all the others.  The reasoning for his extreme skinniness was because all that was left of his body was his endoskeleton. The only thing on him that wasn’t bare was his feet which resembled stainless steel boots. He was clothed so that his endoskeleton was not out for the world to see. He tended to wear faded blue jeans and sweatshirts that had logos of bands that existed during the humans’ time. His face had no face plates but it didn’t look like a skeleton. His face was circular similar to a human’s. There was a metal sphere that worked as the head. Wires came from the back of the head down his back and connected to his body and other appendages. His eyes were human in nature, same with his mouth. The eyes were a little lifelike and they had shutters which created the illusion of blinking and allowed the bot to show emotion. His mouth moved accurately when he spoke and he could smile and frown with it, showing emotion.

The two droids next to him were different from him yet similar to each other. Their bodies were in better condition than the little bot’s. They had metal plates all over their body that, when under clothes, made them look muscular. Some plates don’t shift with their bodies, such as the plate near their femur area or the plate near their scapula area, so their movement was restricted in some areas. They were donned in clothes that were peculiarly odd for the previous generation, let alone the current generation. Their clothes resembled that of squires. Now not the early middle ages term squire, which meant a knight’s apprentice, the late middle ages term for squire which meant a leader of a town or lord of a manor. Their clothes were fancier than everyone else’s but because of the bulbous plates under their clothes, the cloth always looked like it was on the verge of tearing. When someone worked their way up the pairs’ bodies, they would have shrieked once they reached their heads. Their heads were bare bones. There was almost nothing on them plate or armor wise. All that was there was a rectangular box that had two eyes and a skeleton like mouth connected to it with all kinds of wires connecting to the eyes, box, and body.

Across from those three characters were three droids that looked extremely out of place within a gang of bandits. The three droids were identical in body type, internals, and cybernetics but different in personality and cosmetically speaking. They each looked liked larger versions of those trash cans that open when you push a button. They had small thick appendages that made them resemble giant robot trash babies in a way. To further push the trash can analogy, every time they talked their heads opened wide and closed shut with every word, similar to a hand puppet. They each had two eyes that were centered on their head so that they could see respective to their height. The one that was in the center of the three was a vibrant orange with pitch black eyes. His color reflected his personality, bright, sunny and full of life. The one to his right was dark shade of red and had yellowish-orange eyes. He was fiery, moody, and talked back whenever he could not caring for others feelings. The one that was left of the orange one was periwinkle with grey eyes. This one, unlike the others, was female in nature and attitude. She was elegant, graceful, and was caring of others.

To the left of all the droids, at the head of the table, was a droid that stood out even more than all these droids combined, as if that was even possible. At the head of the table was a droid dressed from head to toe in full medieval knight armor. None of his externals were visible from the armor except for his eyes and that was simply because they glowed an aggressive red underneath his helm. His black armor stood out among everything like a blank space in a sky full of stars. On the table in front of him was a long sword pointing at the other end of the table.

The droid’s armor made him look even more menacing among the other bright droids. He looked around the table sending glares at each and every person at this table. He spoke in a extraordinary articulate and education fashion. “Why have the grunts of my militia entered my quarters and requested a congregation with me at an hour like this?” His voice sounded like that of an educated man in his mid to late 30’s. His voice was stern and had a hint of annoyance in it, causing the triplets to contract into their seats.

“I did Galahad.” The skinny bot in the 80’s sweatshirt spoke up. His voice was youthful, sounding similar to an young educated englishman in his late teens. Galahad shot him a glare. He ran his hands around the handle of the long sword.

“Mordred… You pathetic pile of garbage. You feel that you have the privilege to call a congregation? The only reason I let you lead a squad is because of your role in the imprisonment of YouKnowWho and those who were loyal to him! You are not meant to hold any real authority. This squad is a pity squad, you insolent fool. That’s why you don’t go on any combat, scouting, or even scavenging missions! Your team is adept in absolutely nothing!” Galahad was visibly shaking with rage.

“Are you done? Because I do contribute, just not in the stereotypical brutish way that you’re used to”, Mordred responded snippily. “I help technologically by making useful trackers and tools that your limited cpu can’t even comprehend. Now the reason I called this meeting was because my scanner found a robot that has Federation tier tech in Leslies’ in-”

Galahad interrupted him by saying,”Federation tier…” He was absolutely awestruck. “Mordred. Contact Bors and Percival. Susie, Chuckie, and Jacka-” The red trashbaby thrashed about and spoke in a high pitched, cartoony voice.

“It’s Jekish! JEK! ISH!” His siblings tried to calm him down and it seemed to work.

“Well… you three go and ready the armory. Jadean and York.” The robot skeletons stood and saluted. “Change your names. They are utterly ridiculous and would never strike fear in the hearts of foes. Think about the predicaments you will come across. ‘Oh no! It’s the world famous raider York Dork and his sidekick Jadean Cream!’” Galahad put heavy emphasis on their names and spoke in a very snippy tone. “Other than that. Go collect the other raiders.” He dismissed the squad of misfits and headed towards on of the remaining windows in the building. Galahad mumbled to himself, “If I can get upgrades from this droid, then maybe I can finally surpass him. The man I used to call Master, the one who I called friend.”