The Tro Must Go On!

"My goal was always to give my students even more and better musical opportunities and experiences than I had..."

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The Tro Must Go On!

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Graduated 43 years ago and retired a mere 7 months ago, this week’s edition is all about Audubon’s beloved Choir Director, Duane Trowbridge. Mr. Trowbridge was arguably the coolest person to walk the halls of AHS, and he was always so proud of his students (secretly, of course). He’d get them out of their musical comfort zones to better themselves, and he has made a huge impact on many of us, especially after he retired, and he even inspired me to major in Music Education. The way he still continues to care for his students and attend their performances is a testament to how great of a man he is, which is why he deserves this recognition and much more. After weeks of requests to interview Tro (this includes you, Ethan Strong) I finally decided to reach out to him and find out more about his best experiences at AHS.


Sandy: When did you graduate from AHS?

Tro: 1976.

Sandy: Ah, the Stone Age. What was your favorite memory?

Tro: I have many great memories of my time at AHS, especially Choir and Band, singing in All-State Choruses, but I guess the best memory was our 27 day Choir tour through Europe in the summer of 1975.

Sandy: Where did you go to college and what was your major?

Tro: I majored in Music Education at Glassboro State College, and I graduated May of 1981.

Sandy: When did you start teaching at AHS?

Tro: I began teaching in Audubon Elementary Schools in November of 1988, and I moved to the high school choir position in September of 1994 after my former Choir Director, Richard Smith retired.

Sandy: What was the highlight of your career?

Tro: Besides having Sandy Smith as my student? There are too many highlights to choose just one. Every concert was a highlight. Every student accepted to All-South, All-State, All-Eastern, All National was a highlight. Singing at the Phillies games 10 or more times was a highlight. Every musical was a highlight. But as corny as this sounds, the highlight of my career was every singer and student whose best memories of their high school career was from being in Choir or the shows. My goal was always to give my students even more and better musical opportunities and experiences than I had in my high school years, and I had many.

Sandy (with her eyes tearing up): What do you miss the most since you left?

Tro: As a former student, I mostly miss the camaraderie of my best friends in school (mainly from the Choir and Band). As a teacher? It’s only been 7 months, but I miss the same things – the camaraderie with my former colleagues AND the students – the relationships we had through music and shared successes.

Sandy: What advice would you give to seniors who are preparing to graduate in June?

Tro: Hopefully you find a future profession or vocation that you truly enjoy, it makes the time fly! My true wish for any of my students over the years is that they become a productive member of society no matter what they do, whether that be with work, family, charity, happiness, etc. As you go on in life, you will realize that if you gave the effort as a student, that tiny little AHS prepared you for your future much more than you thought while you were there.

Sandy: Tro, you are the best. This is surely going to be my favorite article I’ve posted so far. We all miss you and your sarcastic self. Thank you so much.

Tro: Thanks for asking, Sandy. Wordy isn’t it?