The First All-Female Spacewalk is Preparing to Launch Next Week

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All in the month of March we have been celebrating women and women’s achievements in history. The successful women of the past probably never imagined adding a first all-female spacewalk to their list of future accomplishments, but now that is coming true, coincidentally during Women’s History Month. On March 29th, this will be another one for the books.

NASA astronauts Anne McClain and Christina Koch will be among the first all- female spacewalk along with Kristen Facciol on console at the Johnson Space Center in Houston Texas, Mary Lawrence as the lead flight director, and Jackie Kagey as the lead spacewalk flight controller.

This woman-powered team’s mission is to upgrade batteries on the International Space Station in their spacewalk. Anytime an astronaut gets out of a vehicle while in space, is expected to last 7 hours.

Another exciting fact about this space mission is that when Christina Koch arrives at the space station to meet McClain, it will only be the 4th time ever in history that two women have served together on an expedition crew on the International Space Station.