The Hill House Mystery Part 3

Charles ripped the door open under the stairs and a freezing David hobbled out. They were about to make a break for it until they both were hit with a tranquilizer, and passed out on the ground.

When Charles awoke, he saw David shivering as they were placed in a freezer. The freezer was pretty large, where there was room for both of them as well as plenty of empty space. Charles immediately hopped up and started maneuvering for a way to escape. He came along a vent in the corner of the room. It was small, yet they could fit in it.

Charles opened it up and both of them climbed through. They had no clue where to go, so they took it slow. Slowly creeping through the vents of the house making left and right turns until when they looked out another vent was the old man sitting in a chair. He looked half asleep with a saggy cigar in his mouth and cup of beer to his left. The boys were being very cautious and trying to make little to no sound, when David made a creek in the vent. The old man popped up and started looking around. The boys were spotted and crawled through the vents as fast as they could until they fell through in front of the front door. It took them a second to unlock the front door with all the locks and they made a run for it.

They galloped as fast as they humanly could. They made the spiraling jump onto the fence and made it over the fence and back to their houses. David made the remark that they were safe. Charles wasn’t as sure because the old man knew who they were and had seen what they looked like and that he was still out there.

The raggedy old man watched them in the distance, smirking. He didn’t bother to follow them once they made it out and it seemed like he wanted them to escape.

The boys sat in Charles room and thought. David was still out of breathe and still had sweat glistening on his forehead. Charles wasn’t sweating in the slightest because he was on the track team and was in superb shape, as David wasn’t.

“Are we sure the man won’t come after us,” Charles brought the idea to mind.

“I’m unsure, he doesn’t know our names does he?” David responded reluctantly.

The boys were slugged across the couch when a fiery baseball plunged through the glass window of Charles room. Another one shattered the second window of the room. Charles glanced outside to see a man draped in black clothing ensuing eye contact with him. He fired another ball directed for Charles head, luckily he ducked in time out of the way. The man in black disappeared when Charles surveyed the area.

“W–HERE DID HE GOOO, HE WAS R-RIGHT THERE,” Charles was in an array of emotions.

David was still laying on the ground towards the bed weeping and curled in the shape of a ball, at least more than usual. Charles pulled David up and David was in tears.

David weakly started to whisper,”I. . . . can’t d-do. . . . this.” He was shaking, trembling even.

Charles started to prepare for a war, but was not taking any chances this time. He attached fireworks, circling baseballs. After, he added matches drenched in gasoline on top of the fireworks. He took his baseball bat and attached barbed wire around it. He also stole the keys to his moms mini cooper. He added a plow to the front, that was drenched in gasoline as well. The time was now.