Is Vaccinating Your Child Worth the Risk?

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Is Vaccinating Your Child Worth the Risk?

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So you’ve decided to vaccinate your child. But before you take the leap, you should reconsider the risks involved. Sure, maybe all of your neighbors’ kids were vaccinated and are all living long and healthy lives, but what about the .00001% of children who experienced side effects after getting a vaccination? What if your child is one of those .00001%?

Recent reports have linked vaccines to causing children to growing horns, tails, wings, and even scales on their backs. With at least 3 individual reports of children showing these symptoms after being vaccinated, it seems vaccines have caused more outbreaks than they prevented.

Sharon Johnson, a concerned mother, shares her experience with other mothers.

The mutations caused by vaccinations are almost instantaneous. In an interview with Sharon Johnson, the stay-at-home suburban mother described to Parrot reporters why she became an anti-vaxxer.

“Five minutes after my son was vaccinated, he sprouted a tail,” Sharon reported.

“There could be no cause other than his Tetanus shot,” Sharon said. “You just never realize the risks until it affects your own child. I just hope people can learn from my experience. I’d rather risk my child getting a deadly disease than growing a tail.”

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Some mothers feel as if they are being forced into vaccinating their children.

Linda Martin speaks out about the discrimination her daughter faces as an unvaccinated child.

Linda Martin is a local mother who is involved in the community and even helps coach her daughter’s soccer team on weekends. “It’s a just a sin that they won’t let my girl play on the soccer team until she’s been vaccinated. She’s been on the team for years, and now that there’s an outbreak of measles she’s suddenly not allowed to play around the other children for 30 days… I just don’t understand it.”

Linda proposes that children should be exposed to the disease so that, (given that the children don’t die), they can build up an immunity to the disease. “What ever happened to a good old measles party? Doctors make us think we have no other choice than to vaccinate our children. Let’s take immunity into our own hands.”

Don’t let society pressure you into vaccinating your child. It’s your choice, your child, and as long as it only affects your child—Oh. Wait.