Catch of the Week: Dave the Minion, Future Banana

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Dave the Minion is a hardworking young minion in our high school. He is a team player who is willing to sacrifice his merits for the good of the cause. He plans to be a banana later in life, but is unsure how realistic that might be. After high school he aspires to go to Minion University to become…again…a banana. If he decides to not go the traditional route, he will become a banana “the hard way.” Dave started checking out the University in 8th grade when his brother was becoming a banana. Thinking about life after school, Dave would want to find a nice job as a banana and live out in the city, being a banana.

Some advice he would give to others is “BABABA BANANA” This is something many people should take into consideration when dealing with small problems that come by in life. One trait he finds unique about himself is that not a lot of people go to college for being a banana and that he’s planning on going to a division 1 college for being a banana.