Garfield Kart is the Absotute Best Game Ever

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You ever look at Mario Kart and say “This game is too fast,” “This is too exciting,” or “This game is causing my arthritis to flare”? Well look no further! Garfield Kart Racing is the game for you. This game follows the style of Mario Kart games but with the cast of Garfield. The game was made by two small studios but that doesn’t really matter. All that matters is how the game plays!

So there are plenty of characters to play as. You have the morbidly obese cat, the stupid dog, the 

owner, some woman, a cat, other cat, mean cat, and a mouse! How could one forget such a memorable cast of characters! Then there are such memorable maps such as city, farm, town, and other city! Oh my goodness this game is already so exciting. 

There is even a character customization feature. You can customize karts that change the stats of your vehicle, much like you can in Mario Kart. But there is one thing that Garfield Kart has that Mario doesn’t: whacky zappy hats! You can literally have Garfield wear a food container for crying out loud. Can I get an #LOL?!

WOAH! Garfield is getting beat by his owner! So KEWL!

Now the gameplay is utterly fantastical. You go not to fast, yet not too slow. You go at an average pace. When you drift and boost, you don’t go too fast so now you won’t get whiplash while playing the game! The only issue is that the items you pick up that do boost  you, boost you too much. Its way too fast and must be slowed down! Now the design and layout of the maps are marvelous! They consist of easy turns and twists and nothing too creative or exciting. That way, you don’t need to look at a mini-map. The map is randomly painted with boost pads and items, making it possible to move up in ranks.

Now the music as well is great. It is loud and boisterous, rivaling the noise of everything else. This is fantastic! Who needs to use their eardrums in a racing game? Not me! Also the music definitely doesn’t sound like my 7 year old sister’s attempt at making music.

Garfield Kart Racing is definitely a “dub” in my book. It whacky, zany, and does everything right in a calming family game. This is absolutely the best racing game ever! I will rate this a 76 out of 52! A must play! Do it! Play it now!