Magic Pregnancy Smoothies Seemed To Do The Trick For 9 Nurses

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Magic Pregnancy Smoothies Seemed To Do The Trick For 9 Nurses

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At the Maine Medical Center there has definitely been some magic in the air, or maybe in the smoothie, rather.

It has recently been announced that 9 nurses who are all coworkers on the–you guessed it–labor and delivery floor, are all pregnant at the same time and are all due between April and July. What’s even more shocking than how some nurses are only days apart for their due date, is how this all came to be.

According to Erin Grenier it all started with a smoothie.

One morning before an arduous 12 hour shift at the hospital, two of the nurses Erin and Rachel went to this new boujee smooth bar called the Witch’s Cauldron everyone had been raving about. It was in the older, more rustic part of town in a secluded shaded alley, which seemed to keep it pretty lowkey and the women only heard of this gem by word of mouth.

Erin and Rachel heard stories of certain smoothies reversing the aging process, beginning spontaneous hair growth, and even giving people such a complete makeover that not even their families recognized them. But they were really only there for the famous “Bundle of Joy” smoothie. They were expecting it to give them a burst of energy and for them to radiate positivity to their patients that day on their 12 hour shift.

According to the smoothie recipe that was written on a vintage scroll, (of course only the best), the main ingredient was something named “babyroot powder”  which the women assumed would give them the happiness of a newborn baby. This would be perfect for their long days at the hospital.

After downing the pink and blue swirled smoothie the women definitely felt a little bloated, but didn’t think the smoothie was working. Sure they felt happier and maybe a bit more emotional, but “it had been a long day at work and we were so worn,” out one of the smoothie-consumers, Rachel, recalls.

By the end of the shift Rachel and Erin had recommended the Witch’s Cauldron to about 4 other nurses on the floor who then put it in the group chat for them all to meet up there after work one day.

The next thing they know every nurse on the floor is announcing her pregnancy like it’s clockwork, some weeks or even days apart from each other. And what was the common factor?

“The Bundle of Joy” smoothie.

They all recommended it to each other and unbeknownst to them, the smoothie’s mix of baby root powder along with fresh pineapple did the trick as well as regular old procreation.

Sure, it seems pretty strange and maybe a little unbelievable that this could actually happen, but one of the nurses Amanda Spear sees all of the pregnant women as more of a team: “It’s really nice coming to work and seeing other people who are just as pregnant and watching their bellies pop and just talking about these experiences that we are going through together. I’m so grateful for that smoothie invention!”

“The best part?” Jess giggled with a tongue-in-cheek smile, “No man required.”