Kanye Sells Another Set of $1200 Shirts

This week, Kanye’s famed clothing line, Yeezy, is selling a set of t-shirts from Kanye’s personal wardrobe in anticipation for the release of the new Yeezy 350 sneaker colorway being dropped on the 30th.

Kanye West, who’s had a hand in the fashion industry since 2006 with his Pastelle clothing line and who’s been more famously involved in the music scene for much longer, has made waves in the industry for his avant-garde and minimalistic designs and silhouettes, à la Yohji Yamamoto and Rick Owens. His most famous venture is his sneaker collaboration with Adidas, Yeezy. Despite his origins from outside the fashion industry, the fame he garnered with his music alongside his personal army of trend-hoppers have helped him find his niche in the cutthroat industry.

West announced in a press conference this morning that the shop can be located on a website designed solely for this release, behind a password being passed around by word of mouth by devout Kanye fans, as well as being locked behind a paywall of an extra $750 dollars and one Jahcoin.

He also announced that the shirts would be shrunk and enlarged to accommodate size requirements, as well as additional tailoring (for an increased fee) to accommodate those who opted to sell limbs and organs to afford the apparel. A leak revealed that this would be done in Kanye’s own washing machine, increasing the price by up to another $50. Indentured servitude will also be made an option for those of working age. Available jobs include but are not limited to:

  • Stealing beige/white t-shirts from Old Navy
  • Stabbing said t-shirts with box cutters to be sold to trust-fund kids
  • Fending off hoards of 15 year olds from Kanye and his family whenever they step outside
  • Complimenting Kanye
  • Being insulted by Kanye
  • Writing articles about Kanye for your school newspaper (please send help he hasn’t fed us)
  • Getting into arguments on forums about Kanye
  • Listening to Graduation on repeat
  • Accusing everybody’s (EVERYBODY’S) Yeezy 350s of being fake

A date for the release has not yet been confirmed nor if the entire thing was merely a publicity stunt to keep Kanye in the limelight until he can release another album.