• March 31Scientists Discover Cats Really Are Plotting To Take Over The World

  • March 31Snoop Dogg Shocked To Discover "Dog" Is Spelled With One "G"

  • March 31Sleepiness: The New Cure For Insomnia

  • March 20Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren Calls For An End To Electoral College

  • March 20Jury Concludes Roundup Weedkiller Responsible For Cancer In At Least One Person

  • March 20British PM Theresa May Calls For Extension To Brexit Negotiations

  • March 7'Jeopardy' host Alex Trebek Reveals He Has Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

  • March 6London Patient Could Be Second Cured Of HIV

  • March 6California AG Declines to Bring Charges Against Officers Who Shot Stephon Clark

  • March 6Several Passengers Hurt as Cruise Ship Tilts When Hit by Sudden 115 mph Gust

We’re Simply Different

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So maybe you don’t understand,

But do you have to?

Do you try to?

Do you even want to?


Does every performance remind you

That my passion doesn’t satisfy you?

That I won’t make as much money as you?

That I won’t learn the same things as you?


I’m so drawn to this, it’s all I want,

Yet you turn away at the mere thought of it.

Why is it that you’ve been so close minded?

Why are you afraid to open your door of acceptance?


You slammed it and threw the key,

Ultimately shutting me out.

New doors have opened to others,

But I’m still in my room alone.


I cannot wait to escape,

To leave the discouragement and opinions.

My path will be much different than yours,

But just know that that doesn’t make it wrong.

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We’re Simply Different