51 Scene Two : Jane Johnson High

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Victor stood outside of Jane Johnson High, being patient for his scout to return to base. He had been waiting outside for multiple hours now. The sun had finally retreated from the moon and with that, the heat died down, with cold in its place instead. The chilling air had pierced through his trench coat, and was stabbing his dark, scar-ridden body. Despite this, Victor stood ground, and waited. After an eternity, or at least another 5 minutes, he had seen a person slowly walking towards the abandoned high school he guarded. As the person trudged closer, Victor began to recognize who it was. It was Jack, and he was holding… a toaster? Whatever it was, Victor needed to find out more regarding whatever that thing is, and what happened regarding the map.

“Jack, what took you so long? I’ve been out here for 8 hours now. I’m freezing to death over here.” His tone was serious, and his face stern.

“Sorry Vic, been a bit busy trying not to get blown up at the death pit you sent me to.” Jack grinned.

Victor groaned. “Okay wiseguy, tell me exactly what happened.”

“Ohoho man, where do I begin?” Jack swung his arms back and forth and clapped his hands. “Well, y’see, I didn’t actually go inside the place, hell, I didn’t even see an entrance. What I did see was this fly-bot right here” All eyes fell onto the robot. The red light  was still on, indicating it was still active. The only other sign of activity was it’s “pupil” moving every now and again, accompanied by a faint “wwwhhhhiiiirrrr” whenever it shifted somewhere else. “This guy- little scumbag decided it would be funny to not only rain bullets on me, but call for his buddies. One tried to drop a missile onto me!”

“Hold on, you mean that thing is armed?” Victor’s left hand retreated into his holster. “Hold still.” A red, unfeeling eye stared at him, making Vic all the more uneasy.

“No need for that, I already blasted the gun off of him. I’ve already had my daily dose of bullets, didn’t you hear?” He lifted the bot on it’s back to reveal sparks and bent metal, where the weapon once occupied.

Victor relaxed a little, but was still clearly stressed out. “How are you sure that thing hasn’t sent anything to chase us, for all you know it could be tracking your every movement. The others could still be after you for all you know!”

Jack’s face removed it’s usual smirk, and began to go deep into thought. Each second gradually becoming more and more worriful. He finally developed an answer. “Well, I’m sure Johnny can take care of this, she’d never forgive you if you threw out a piece of tech like this anyway!” He slightly lifted up the bot

“I suppose you’re right, for once. We need to see her anyway.”

Jack shot him a confused look.

Victor Continued “While you were trying to avoid becoming swiss cheese, the van from where that map came from went straight to her. She wanted to start scrapping it for parts. Well, we’ve found more than just junk in there. There was a guy in there. We didn’t even notice him until we heard snores coming from the back. Turns out he was sleeping the whole time we stole it. He’s been detained in the van since”

Jack ended up bursting in laughter for several minutes. It took awhile for him to regain his posture. Even after he stopped, he was still fighting to hold back tears. “Seriously? This dude slept through you guys killing his friends, driving back to base, and being imprisoned? I wish I could get sleep half that well”

“We all do.” Victor chuckled, briefly breaking his penetrating gaze. “Regardless, I’m quite satisfied he’s alive, since we can hopefully get some answers regarding whatever that map is supposed to lead to. Maybe we can even figure out whatever 51 is. You know what? How about we go greet him now?” His hand made a “c’mere” motion.

“Sure thing” Jack passed the robot to Victor, swooped ahead of him, and opened the door to the high school.

“Ladies first.” Jack mockingly said to his superior. Victor slapped his own face, his hand sticking to it as if it was drenched with glue. He sighed. “Man, Boss never has to deal with this kind of crap.” He muttered as the two went in.