Male Pregnancy

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Abortion has been a controversy for as long as the word abortion has been
around. It’s a topic that many people find to be uncomfortable, taboo, a sin, something
that is completely wrong. For many American citizens especially women feel that it is a
necessary right to have the choice to have a safe abortion. Also many Americans,
particularly men think that women should not have the choice to have a safe abortion
and are making policies to prevent them from taking place.
There is one solution to this scenario that with enough research and funding
would help combat abortions. If all of the women who did not wish to bare a child simply
transferred that zygote to a male politician whose pro-life trying to ban abortion then the
rate of 11.8 abortions per 1000 births (CDC) would effectively drop to all-time low
numbers. In many cultures, the male is the one to raise the baby. Male seahorses
actually carry the babies in a pouch till they give birth, and male penguins sit on the egg
till it hatches which could take over two months. If women just simply gave men their
fetuses that they didn’t want then men would be able to take on the nine-month
pregnancy and lifelong commitment of a child which from birth to eighteen years old can
add up to 233,610 dollars. Men would also be able to experience the everyday life of a
pregnant mother such as buying all new clothes and new shoes and waking up with
morning sickness and incredible lower back pains. Not to mention that these pregnant men would be able to experience labor pains, in which pain can be felt in the abdomen, groin, back, and sometimes the sides and thighs.
After all of that, the male can then carry the duty of raising and caring for a child
that until having to give birth to it, previously would not have wanted it.