Reflections on American Politics

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Reflections on American Politics

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America has continued down the path of continuous polarization for years, with hardline
politicians on both the left and the right shifting their supporters’ own ideologies farther and
farther towards the extremities of the political spectrum. An increasing number of freedom-loving
American men and women continue to find themselves identifying more with tyrannical fascist
and communist organizations and doctrines which has brought violence and destruction upon
our cities and our homes. Blame whoever you may, the continuing issues that plague the
radicalization of politics within America only really has one solution, that being establishing a
radical centrist government with no fears of quelling such sympathies to ensure our freedoms
and liberties are maintained by forceful government intervention.

We cannot continue to allow political extremists to continue violent attacks and atrocities
in our cities and on our streets, and our government simply has done nothing but fuel the fires of
political division by constantly dog whistling to “revolutionary groups” and political extremists on
both the left and right. Fighting fire with fire is what is necessary, and if we want to control the
spread of political terror we must circumvent it entirely and put it to rest, for good. The
preservation of our liberties are essential lest we allow these hardliners that parrot the words of
famous dictators take full control. What if the communists or the fascists take absolute control?
We will have a dictatorship that steps on everything Americans love, like the flag, the church,
and apple pie. We can’t have authoritarian boots churning up our apple pies.

I propose a solution, an easy solution, one which will take little effort nor much moral
deliberation. We must unify around a solid government which we must invest absolute powers
into, powers of investigation, defense, and all other facilities such as, and trust them to do their
best to monitor and crush the absolutists who wish to turn America into a police state. The
insurance of the continuous safety of the common welfare from these rapidly growing radical
elements of American society justifies and indeed mandates the establishment of a government
completely impartial of ideological bias through having complete reigns over what these
terrorists do and how they are allowed to interact in American society. To accomplish this would
be simple, and would simply just involve coercing the sitting Congress into supporting
democratic amendments to the Constitution to be passed allowing for the establishment of a
Presidential Administration who can adequately protect our freedoms and liberties by heavily
monitoring and suppressing the ability of political radicals and extremists to discuss their
dangerous opinions and actually get out onto the streets, spreading chaos and disorder in our

To enforce this, the Congress’s changes would have to come in the form of changes and
additions to the current Bill of Rights and other Constitutional amendments; something that
could be referred to as “amendment amendments.” Such amendments would have to include
changes to the first amendment, guaranteeing equal freedom of speech and assembly to all
people, bar radicals the government deems as unbefitting for these rights. The fourth
amendment, which guarantees protection from unreasonable search and seizures, would have
to be completely overhauled or outright repealed to ensure our great police force can protect us
by entering suspect’s homes and taking them away if any incriminating evidence, such as
radical literature, art, or ideas are found. Such rights that we cherish should not apply to those
who wish to take them away from all of us, which is why it is essential these amendment
amendments are put through Congress.

Now, you may say, “how do we ensure our government enforces the right rules and
doesn’t abuse their power?” Did Lincoln abuse his power? Did FDR? Critics may say they have,
but those same critics are more likely than not the depraved radicals that have brought about
the current situation. It’s an American’s patriotic duty to ensure the government knows what’s
best for the people, especially when combating domestic enemies.