Moving to Outer Space

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Moving to Outer Space

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Moving to outer space sounds like the perfect idea for all kinds of reasons. The biggest
reason to move to outer space is to avoid global warming all together. Global warming is
changing the Earth’s weather patterns and making it difficult to regulate it. The people of the
Earth want it to become colder so it would be better to just move to a whole other planet where it
is either below freezing or raging hot. The moon is cold half the time due to the sun not shining
the light and heat. It dips to just about negative 280 degrees Fahrenheit. As a whole, we wouldn’t
have to worry about the glaciers melting or the sea levels rising.The animals are unable to adapt
to the changes that are occuring. The people should try to add more heat-trapping gases, also
known as greenhouse gases, to give us more motivation to get off the Earth and to a whole
different planet.

But then again, is global warming even real? Who knows because the earth’s climate
only changing 1 to 2 degrees can’t be that big of a deal. There are scientific facts and there’s
proof that the Earth is making changes for the worst. The President of the United States, Donald
Trump, says that it’s fake and he’s more than likely right. The facts don’t matter anyways
because the people can just move to outer space instead. We should get started on this different lifestyle instead of trying to fix the one we have been destroying. Realizing that there are changes will only put in motivation to move to a different planet.