What Were You Wearing?

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What Were You Wearing?

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Rape culture is a large part of today’s society. If a woman is sexually assaulted or
harassed the one of the first questions people ask are, what were you wearing? Were you
wearing a short skirt? Were you asking for it? Though it was the males decision it tends to be
blamed on the female until otherwise proven. That is why women need to start wearing turtle
necks and baggy sweatpants when they leave their house. Not only to keep themselves safe
but to not be the reason a man has to go to jail. If she was not wearing that short skirt and low
cut shirt would he have done it? Would he have thought it was okay to put his hands on her?
Would he still be going to jail had she chosen differently when she got dressed this morning?

Women are being taught this from a young age, that they don’t want to look like they
were asking for it. “When news broke that deputy principal Cherith Telford at Henderson High
School in New Zealand told female students that their uniform skirts must be knee-length in
order to “keep our girls safe, stop boys from getting ideas and create a good work environment
for male staff,” reactions were mixed.” We would hate for a male in the workplace or at school to
be unable to do his job because he was distracted by a tank top or a skirt shorter than knee
length. So why is it even questioned? Why do women even consider wearing distracting clothing
because inanimate articles of clothing are now able to give consent. That is why women need to
start hiding their bodies. It would be ridiculous to blame anyone but her for distracting him. That
would be too difficult. To think that there are actually messed up people in this world that can’t
stay concentrated when they can her see her thigh or her shoulder. That is why women need to
stop revealing these parts to men. Men need to be able to get their work done without another
women, doing the same job as them, distracting him with their body.

Rather then wearing short skirts and shorts, low cut shirts, or any tight clothing women
should wear turtlenecks and baggy sweatpants when they are being seen by a man. Unless you
want to be objectified or possibly assaulted your smartest decision would be completely hide
your body. Make yourself appealing to men completely. You should have to wear clothes baggy
enough that you are unable to see their figure or body type because that might just be a little to
much for a man to handle. Schools and HR should force dress codes and punish women that do
not abide because once again we would hate to distract a man. They should cover themselves
and everything will be fine. No one will ever be sexually harassed or assaulted again.