Navy SEAL Accused Of War Crimes By His Own Platoon

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Decorated Chief Special Warfare Operator Edward “Eddie” Gallagher has been on nearly a dozen deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, where, according to members of Team 7’s Alpha Platoon of which he was commander, he committed numerous war crimes against enemy combatants as well as civilians a 439-page report details.

According to the platoon members, Gallagher spent more hours in sniper’s nests than anyone else, and would fire at civilians- two specific allegations in the report accuse him of killing an old man and a teenage girl walking with her friends. Others describe him firing heavy machine guns and rockets indiscriminately into residential areas, and one accuses him of brutally stabbing a captured ISIS fighter between the ages of 14-17 who was receiving medical treatment.

However, when members of the platoon went to report the chief for these crimes, they were told to keep silent about it, and warned that if they continued, the Navy might “pull their wings”- a reference to the eagle pin SEALS wear. In fact, the Chief was receiving praise while his platoon was attempting to bring the allegations forward in March of 2018- he received a bronze star for valor under fire , and one superior said that “[Gallagher] is the man I want leading SEALs in combat.”

Last September, Gallagher was arrested on multiple charges including both attempted and premeditated murder, which could earn him life in prison if convicted, and has pleaded not guilty.