The Trieuth About Brenda

“Make the best of what you have... and cherish the people around you.”

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The Trieuth About Brenda

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Known as the Most Generous student in the Class of 2018, Brenda Trieu has kept her kind streak going, and you should know what she’s up to now. Not so long ago, Brenda roamed the halls of AHS and I can guarantee she made you smile. Her laugh is contagious and her eggrolls are to die for — seriously, you need to try one. A lot can change within a year, so I asked Brenda how her life has really changed since she graduated.


Sandy: Where do you live now?

Brenda: Still in Audubon, and I go to Camden County College for Nursing.

Sandy: How has your life changed since you graduated from AHS?

Brenda: The drastic change from high school to college was a little overwhelming but despite it all, I’ve grown as a person mentally and academically.

Sandy: Do you still have the same friends that you did in high school?

Brenda: Luckily, I still have the same friends and keep in contact with most of them.

Sandy: That’s really good to hear. What advice do you have for seniors?

Brenda: Make the best of what you have left and cherish the people around you because graduation will probably be the last day you’ll get to see the people you grew up with. Good luck to the class of 2019. I’m proud of all of you and can’t wait for what the future holds (I also love and miss everyone).

Sandy: We all miss you just as much at Audubon. Your advice was also very helpful and heartfelt, thank you so much, Brenda!

Brenda: No problem!