West of Loathing: Giddy-up, Cowboy!

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West of Loathing (which I will be referring to as WoL to have mercy on my wrists) is a comedy adventure RPG developed and published by Asymmetric, the same developers who created Kingdom of Loathing in 2003, released in 2017. It takes place in the Wild West, similarly to the highly-acclaimed Red Dead Redemption II, but that’s basically where the similarities end. From the ability to “Walk Stupidly” to your pardner or horse, WoL has a lot of comedy to offer. Now that Asymmetric has released DLC for the game, called Reckonin’ at Gun Manor, I thought that I would like to share my opinions on this rootin’, tootin’ cow demon shootin’ game.
The main plot of WoL is that the “cows” have come home. Now, these cows are not your average, every day dairy cows. These are demon cows. Most ranchers have been practically eradicated by the cows since they’ve returned. You have chosen to go out and help the people, or maybe just able to get off the stupid farm you live on. It’s your task to make it to the city and help out as many people as you can while in Loathing.
In the early game, you are given the choice of three different character classes: Cowpuncher, Beanslinger or Snake Oiler, your classic brawling, magical and rouge classes. Leaving the family is always tough, but it’s especially tough when you could be hunted down by killer cattle or other crazies out in the wild. Once you hitch a cart to the city, you land face-first into Boring Springs, a small town with just a hostler (horse-selling guy), a bar and a doctor. There’s also a sherf- err I mean sheriff. Once you’ve rounded up the Fricker gang, returned the strange, mystical horses to the hostler and found a new friend to join you, its time to hit the trail into Loathing.
The game and the people who developed it are geniuses in both comedy and story. The funky little stick character and quirky writing make the game what it is: A masterful display of how games that focus on comedy can still be strong in other aspects.
Overall, West of Loathing provides a brilliant atmosphere with elements of comedy, as well as a wonderful story that keeps me coming back for a second helping.