Botworld 7: The Bandits Attack

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“So wait, run it by me one more time?” Tedbert was absolutely confused. For the past few hours Project Griffith had been trying to explain what he was and his objectives.

“Well, Teddy,” Griffith’s tone had turned to one of annoyance “I was the new A.I. that was placed in our body to help the humans fight robots. The only issue was that The Creator left before he could finish installing me so I was stuck at 40 percent for a while. I can only activate when your combat protocol is activated. I wish I could control our body for longer but, sadly, this is how things are. By the way, you should probably wake up soon. Someone is tampering with our external shell.”

Tedbert “woke” shortly after to a somewhat pleasant surprise. He was dressed in human attire that consisted of a navy hoodie, grey sweatpants, and beat up red shoes that had a faded star on the side. The clothes was baggy on him, meant to fit someone of a taller stature. He let out a slight chuckle before getting out of his chair. It seemed that Beta and Alpha left the room after they dressed Tedbert. Being a nosy person, he looked around the room and tried to find something that caught his attention. It took a solid 10 minutes before he realized that there was nothing really interesting in the room other than a pile of video games and movies near the tv.. He was reading the back of game cases when the bedroom door opened with a loud creak. He looked eagerly, expecting either Alpha or Beta, but was perplexed to see a bot that was unfamiliar to him. Mordred stood in the doorway frozen as the two stared at each other.

Tedbert held his hand out and greeted him with,“Hiya, I’m Tedbert! What’s your name?”

Mordred apprehensively shook his hand and mumbled meekly,“I’m Mordred… I came to uh… well… Kidnap you.” Tedbert stared for a second before letting out a hearty laugh.

“That’s so funny! Wanna play games? I’m really good at kart racers. Or maybe we can watch one of these cool movies!” Tedbert riffled through the movies while Mordred just stood there awkwardly.

“Uh… can you please come with me willingly? My bosses need you and… well… If I don’t bring you out safely… they are going to storm the inn and raid the place.” Tedbert stopped and looked over his shoulder to address Mordred.

“Why me though? I was activated yesterday. I haven’t done a thing yet.” Tedbert thought of something which caused him to gasp. “Are you here because I am a Happy Human Friendly Friend?!” Tedbert spoke the phrase unnecessarily fast.

Mordred’s face contorted into a look of utter confusion before he uttered,“Happy Human… what?”

“Happy Human Friendly Friends… they are a group from the show I watch called, ‘McChingy and the Land of Flesheons of Orth’. The group stops bad guys from hurting the Flesheons. Are you a bad guy?” Mordred rolled his eyes and groaned.

“No! I am here to kidnap you because you are filled to the brim with advanced tech!” He was borderline shouting at Tedbert. Tedbert looked down at his toes defeated, like a child who was just scolded. “Now come on. We have only have a limited amount of time before they-.” There was a loud explosion before he could finish his thought. “Robo-God dang it!” Mordred sprinted out of the room leaving Tedbert alone and confused.

Beta, Alpha, and Brunt were down stairs when the explosion went off. They were on two of the few couches in the lobby, Brunt being so big he took up his own. Beta and Alpha were on the couch facing the bar while Brunt was on the couch facing the front of the inn. The explosion caused Brunt to fall backwards, causing the couch to flip, while it caused Beta and Alpha to jump almost 4 feet in the air. By the time they turned to face the front, what looked like knights stormed into the inn. Beta let out a girlish “Ahh” as he ducked behind the couch. Alpha tried to examining the out of place soldiers to see if they were a threat. There was somewhere around 50 of them, all piling into the inn which grew to be cramped within seconds. They almost all looked identical, say for a few cosmetic differences, wearing full knight armor and helms that covered their faces very similar to Galahad. Alpha joined Beta under the couch when she saw the knights pull out swords, daggers, and… plasma pistols? She had no idea what was going on nor did she care. She just prayed they weren’t going to hurt her friends. From atop the stairs, Mordred could be heard screaming,“Stop! Stop! We can’t take the tech by force! It’s all inside one bot! He’s just a kid!”

Galahad could be heard from outside shouting,“Ya hear that boys! We get to tear someone apart!” This caused the mob to whoop and cheer as they tried to make their way up the steps. Beta and Alpha were utterly confused, but Brunt got the hint and started blocking the knights off from the top floor. His sheer girth alone was enough to keep most of them back but it wouldn’t take long for them all to work together and push him out of the way. A loud banging noise somehow managed to shut everyone up. From behind the bar emerged Leslie. She was donned in some kind dress that was a mix between combat ready and fashionable. The dress had two pauldrons on the shoulders, a breastplate, and elbow guards as well as being a flattering shade of mauve. The dress extended to just above her shins where her boots began. She had thick steel toed boots that said “Raiders can kiss my” and then a blurred out word written on the side in white pen.

Leslie shouted into the crowd,“You boys ready for a show?” She was so full of energy, that the gang swore to Robo-God that they were in for a pleasant surprise. She smiled to the crowd who all were excited. Alpha and Beta hid behind the other side of the couch, seemingly more afraid of Leslie than the raiders. Leslie shouted again,“ You ready?” The raiders all started nodding. “You set?” They nodded even more. The face plates on Leslie started to shift causing her eyes to get a sharper look, and also making her look more serious. She pulled out a massive mini-gun from behind her and smiled maniacally. Her voice shouted in a somewhat evillish tone,“Choke on spark plug you dirty sons of toasters!” She started the gun up and fired upon the crowd, trying to mow down as many knights as possible. The knights tried to sprint out as soon as they saw the mini-gun but the mass number of the team made it difficult to leave efficiently. Leslie slowly made her way across the crowd, bits and pieces of bots flying everywhere. Oil started to splatter all over the walls and wires from some of the “decommissioned” bots landed on their allies. They were horrified and tried even harder to escape. The gun eventually stopped firing and Leslie dropped it. She sighed and kicked it as she said,“Darn. All out of ammo.”

All noise seemed to be sucked out from the scene. Everything was awfully quiet. The silence was shattered by the sound of marching. Mordred cursed from atop the stairs and tried to run outside but Brunt was still at the bottom of the stairs, blocking his path.

Brunt turned to look at Mordred as he shouted,“Who the heck ‘re you!?” Mordred did not answer and instead zoomed past Brunt and through the massive hole where the front door once stood. Mordred stopped as he saw what looked like hundreds of knights, that looked more advanced than the others, nearing the inn. Leading them was a unique looking droid. A majority of his armor was like Galahad’s, until you reached the droid’s head. The droid did not have a full cover helm, let alone a helm at all. The face was somewhat like Leslie’s, in the sense that is was consisted of multiple plates that shifted and moved and molded to give the illusion of emotion. It’s features were much more masculine than Leslie’s. It’s head was ovacular and had a very defined jawline, as well as it’s cheek area. It’s eyes were sharp and glowed a vibrant chartreuse. It had short, blonde, synthetic hair that was odd to see among a sea of metallic grays and blacks.  If it was a human, it would have been considered handsome.

When he spoke, his voice sounded like a man nearing his forties with a moderately raspy voice. “Hello Mordred! What are the numbers? Twelve? Fourteen? Twenty? How many of our men fell to that scrap-heap?” His voice was relatively happy for the present situation.

Mordred stiffened when the droid neared. “Hello Bors. She took out 40 of the 50 we sent in. Sir, I don’t we need to-” Bors grinned as he heard the number of soldiers taken out.

“We’re going to have to use excessive force then!” Bors motioned for the knights to rush into the building, much to Mordred’s distress. The knights started dragging out Beta and Alpha. It took about 16 to drag out Brunt, and took almost as much to pull out a very resistant Leslie. Even when she was restrained, she was still trying her best to put up a fight. After everything in the inn went quiet, Tedbert decided to leave the room and investigate. He saw the massive hole in the front of the inn and absolutely no one else inside.

“Hello?” Tedbert called out to no response. He went outside to see if his friends were there. Upon exiting the building, Tedbert was greeted with the sight of seeing his friend restrained and held at sword point. Bors was ignorant to the fact that Tedbert was there and circled the quartet.

Bors let out a cackle and spoke to his men,“What should I do boys? Spare them?” He was met with boos and cries of displeasure. “Or behead them?” The crowd cheered and whooped. He grinned evilly and was handed a doubled sided battle axe. He readied to swing and behead Beta first. As the swing reached its peak, Tedbert let out an ear splitting shriek causing everyone to turn their heads. Tedbert dropped to the ground and started convulsing. His body started to grow, and soon was better accommodated in the clothes. Once the clothes fit, he stopped growing and his eyes started glowing red. The knights around started to near, even Bors stepped away from the quartet to look at what was going on. Tedbert started to get off the ground once the crowd gathered. A knight neared him with his blade ready. Tedbert punched the bot in the head, his fist coming out the other side.

In Griffith’s voice, Tedbert mumbled, “So I’m this strong huh…” The knights that surrounded him started to give him room.

Bors grinned and gleefully shouted,“Looks like we got a fighter, boys! Get ‘im!” The knights started to close in on Tedbert. As one of the knights neared, Tedbert grabbed its arm and pulled with all his strength. He swung the knight in a circle and threw it into a group while pulling it’s arm off. Tedbert pulled a sword from the dismembered arm and readied himself. Another neared, but was cut short by a swift slice to the head from Tedbert. Three tried to lung at him form multiple directions, but just as they were about to hit Tedbert leaped over one of them. Two of the three ran into each other, causing their blades to drive into each other. Tedbert took his sword and flung it at the third droid before picking up another sword from a fallen droid. A group of about 4 knights began firing upon Tedbert with very pistol like blasters. Having to think on his feet, Tedbert used on of the fallen knights as a shield and started pulling stuff out of another. When the hostiles went to reload, Tedbert lowered his once living shield and threw something at them. He took a battery from one of the destroyed bots, messed with it, rewired it, and turned it into a makeshift explosive! The knights looked at it quizzically before they realized what it was and tried to run, but sadly they were too late and vaporized. The remaining brigands slowly backed away fearful of what might happen to them even though they out numbered Tedbert.

Someone in the crowd shouted, “Retreat!” Bors cried out in disapproval but was carried off in the mob. As the crowd scrambled away, a few knights lodged fire bombs into the inn causing it to burst in flames.

Leslie cried out,“No! You jerk wads! How could you!? MY lovely inn! No!” After a few minutes, the only sounds left in the air were the burning of the inn and Leslie’s shrill cries. Tedbert staggered for a minute before he face planted into the ground and blacked out.