Theotown: Build your utopia full of ungrateful residents

I agree with most people in saying that most mobile games aren’t real games. What I mean by that is they don’t engage the player and are only there to try and nickel ‘n dime somebody. But I do feel there are some exceptions that are heavily overlooked and Theotown is one of them.

Theotown is a city builder game where you set up a town, manage it, and then grow more towns. You can get fan mods that add things to the game such as new buildings, road types, etc. Now the game plays like a simple city builder. You place down roads and different types of land that creates different types of areas. There are cities, industrial factories, suburban towns, and harbors. You can place things such as parks and monuments to make the residents happy. There are other accommodations that you would need to set up such as a school, hospital, police station, and waste management.

One of the things that I honestly like about this game is the ease of use. I usually find city builders hard to manage on console. Games like Jurassic World Evolution seem somewhat out of place on consoles with all the sliding and dragging that needs to be done. On a phone, the controls work better and are more comfortable.

Another thing that I enjoyed, which was a more personal thing, was coming up with dumb ideas of what my residents wanted and how they would react to the monstrosity of a city that I’ve made. One such shenanigan involved me putting down a catholic church, synagogue, and mosque all on the same street. I imagined that on Sunday, everyone was hostile and one improper sneeze resulted in the birth of a new age crusade.

One thing that I found funny that others might find annoying is how ungrateful the people of the town are. Every since I started Theotown and started managing the city of “Home of Crappy Trains”*, the citizens would always find something to complain about. Sometimes it’s the lack of health services, or policing, but the most common one is traffic. This makes me laugh, because I will have 500 different roads, 10 hospitals, and 13 police stations but for some reason that isn’t good enough! On top of that, everyone thinks it’s a good idea to drive massive semi-trucks in a residential district! I counted 15 semis at a spot with heavy traffic. Maybe if everyone chose Honda Civics, we wouldn’t have this issue. 

There are some issues with the game, though. The fact that it’s a mobile game is one thing so it’s most likely going to be on your phone, which you use for 100 different other things so you will end up forgetting about it. Next is the music. It is obnoxiously loud and sounds like knock off Sims music. There is monetization but it isn’t something to throw a fit over, though it isn’t something worth buying. On top of all of this, this game is somewhat of an idle game where you are gonna have to leave the game alone for a while to make more money so you can build more town. What sucks even more is that in order to get some stuff such as schools and hospitals, you know the necessities of a town, you need to wait until a certain number of people move in.

To wrap up, Theotown is a pretty fun city builder and can be fun to goof around on. There’s still so much more to talk about, such as being able to change terrain and such, but I feel you, the reader, should go and experience it for yourself. Now even though this game is fun and enjoyable, it’s stuck on a tiny LED screen and has a lot of little issues that pile up. I will give this game a 6 out of 10. That might not sound like a lot, but that is pretty high for a mobile game in my book. I usually give them 3’s or 4’s. You should definitely check this out and who knows? Maybe you’ll build the ultimate utopia. Or you could be like me and every time your citizens complain, you make their lives much worse.