Gabe Nessler: Skater Boy of the Decade

"Don’t stress too much about college and the future."

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Gabe Nessler: Skater Boy of the Decade

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This week I sat down with Audubon’s hard working, compassionate, Number 1 Mac Miller fan, better known as Gabe Nessler. Gabe graduated last year in the Class of 2018, coming to AHS from Atco, New Jersey his junior year, loving everything that Audubon had to offer. He joined the Track team and ran varsity for Cross Country, and now he’s doing big things in college. Want to know more? Keep reading.


Sandy: So Gabe, where are you going to college and what’s your major?

Gabe: I go to RCGC and my major is Psychology.

Sandy: Fancy! How do you deal with the stress of college and work? Do you have any tips?

Gabe: Can I say that I don’t? Kidding, I actually skate, listen to music, and hang out with my friends (Victoria Alexander requests that I say her name specifically). My tip is to find healthy coping mechanisms like the ones I use.

Sandy: That’s pretty helpful, if only I could skateboard. What has changed in the year since you graduated? Still hanging with the same people?

Gabe: I have a lot more free time, which means I’m working more, so I’m making more money. I’m able to see my family and friends more often. And yes, I have the same friends from high school.

Sandy: What is something you wish you told yourself in high school?

Gabe: Live in the moment! I wish I told myself to not be so sad all the time, and to not get upset over every little thing.

Sandy: I think we could all tell ourselves that. Any advice for seniors?

Gabe: Don’t stress too much about college and the future. Honestly, college isn’t even as hard as you think it’s going to be.

Sandy: Oh I hope not. Thank you!