• March 20Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren Calls For An End To Electoral College

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  • March 6Thousands Stranded at Kenyan Airports

  • March 6North Korea Rebuilding Rocket Launch Site

  • March 6Santa Anita Suspending Racing After 21 Horses Die at the Racetrack

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Interstellar Friend

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I wonder If I’ll make it  To the stars

Up above


I’m so grounded In reality

I often forget how to dream


People stare

I want to go home


I wonder

I wonder

If I’ll remember you


When your hair turns grey

Don’t know what to say

Except hey what’s up with you


I wonder

I wonder
If we’ll meet again


There is so much I want to say to my

Interstellar friend


Hey what’s up with you?

Oh. Nothing new

How’s the weather treating you up there? Amongst

The clouds amongst the stars, amongst the moon?


Oh It’s grand how nice.

I’m missing out, your probably right.


I want to go home

I want to be with you



I wonder

I wonder

If you’ll remember me


When my hair turns grey

Don’t know what to say

Except hey where were you


I wonder

I wonder

If we’ll meet again

I’ll be there soon just you wait then the fun will begin.


I wonder

I wonder

If the stars will glow


When they’re up there

They may not care  

But hey I’ll will never know


I wonder
I wonder

If the rays would bend


Who would’ve known

It was all alone

My interstellar friend.

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Interstellar Friend