Dog That Shoplifted a Book on ‘Abandonment’ is Rescued

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Last year, a stray dog was caught on camera sneaking into the Feevale University bookshop in Novo Hamburgo, Brazil.  After getting past the front desk, the dog was able to steal a book from the store. What book, you might ask? “The Days of Abandonment.” Something the dog knows pretty well. But the dog wasn’t able to make it very far, as it was soon retrieved by one of the campus students.

The staff even posted a video of the thievery to Facebook, where, of course, it went viral.

The best part of this story occurred quite recently when a group of local animal rescuers saw the video, stopped by the bookshop, and checked the dog into their care. The precious pooch was given a bath, vaccinations, and a foster home following its rescue and could not have been happier.